1UP FM Tells Fables With Peter Molyneux

1UP writes: "In the screenshot, the crazed, music-creating madman represents 1UP FM. The villagers gawking at his insane antics stand in for you, our rapt listeners. Gather around, for this week we have an especially lurid tale to share with you. Our feature this week is a focus on Fable 2, including Garnett Lee's interview with the game's mastermind, Peter Molyneux. Then Garnett is joined by Alice Liang and Thierry Nguyen to compare notes on their hands-on time with Fable 2.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves! First Giancarlo Varanini joins us to share his feelings on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and discuss all the news and leaks coming from last week's GameStop Expo. Later Scott Sharkey gives us a peak into his fractured psyche with a look at the top five drugged out classic games. Tina Sanchez rips open the mailbag once more, and Alice joins us again along with David Ellis, Matt Chandronait, and Ryan O'Donnell for our second week with Indigo Prophecy on the Backlog."

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