RandomNPC - Persona 4 Import Review

RandomNPC writes: "Overall, Persona 4 is a quality title. The story is solid, can withstand multiple playthroughs, and is backed up by quality gameplay, music, and visuals. The Shin Megami Tensei series has had a good record of strategic gameplay, and this iteration of it is no exception. It should be once again noted that there's much more of an emphasis on daily life than dungeon crawling than there was in Persona 3, but whether that's for the better or not will depend on your tastes. Fans of Persona 3 will be happy to know that Persona 4 keeps most of the same elements that made Persona 3 good, but it also changes just enough to keep things fresh."

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Homicide3739d ago

This game is gonna be so awesome. Can't wait for December.

PikkonX3739d ago

This is my most anticipated game of the year. Not much longer to go.

Fade_Walker3739d ago

Last great PS2 game?

Oh I better get back to Persona 3 FES!

kindi_boy3739d ago

i hope they make it available for download on PSN (wishful thinking)