Rage Held Back By Xbox 360's Limits

During his Austin Game Developers Conference discussion on storytelling and technology, id Software lead designer Tim Willits the developer is cutting back on the amount of content they would have liked to include in their upcoming shooter Rage. The main reason for limiting the game's content is the Xbox 360's limited disc storage, which allows about six to eight GB of data.

"The PC is limitless in the amount of data you can put on it," said Willits. "The PS3 has about 25GB. But the Xbox 360 roughly has 6 to 8 GB of data. We're hoping we can squeeze the game down to two discs for the 360 version."

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Splenda143657d ago

Ps3 suffers because the 360 sucks

Bombibomb3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

The truth is that the 360 is holding back most games this generation. With Blu-ray you can double the amount of objects on screen, you can have larger map areas without having to downgrade the graphics (GTA IV), etc.

The 360 is the cause for all sh*tty looking multi-platform games. Yes it's easier to develop for because that's because there's nothing to explore in there. There hasn't been a real good looking 360 game since um.. Well. Awhile now. Gears 2 looks okay in comparison to upcoming games like Far Cry 2, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, etc. It looks like your every day multi-platform game. Why? Because the 360 was already maxed out.

pwnsause3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

not most games, they are holding back every F**king game, cause they dont want to mount an HDD into the System, those f**king skanks. and because of this PS3 owners have to Suffer.

Chuck Norris3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

This has been MS's strategy from the get-go: release a low-end console first, get a decent installbase, and sabotage the competition by forcing multiplatform games to be downgraded to work on their console.

DavidMacDougall3657d ago

Totally agree with you all and im sick of these fu*king bots moaning about gta4 not being fun thats because they have the graphics and couldnt fit the gameplay onto your f*cking DVD9 you little pr!cks

cemelc3657d ago

I hope they put the full content for the PS3, cos i'm tired of that piece of sh!t console(xbox 360).

If it fit for ps3 then put it and make everyone realize that the difference is quite big.

Damn it, half of the games are played like the last gen because of this.

Cajun Chicken3657d ago

I'm starting to see this more now. GTAIV would of been freaking huge and probably 3 times as big if it wasn't for the 360, I'm not one to jump onto things, but seriously, this is just becoming SO clear.

BlackRaven853657d ago

Cajun Chicken learn about what it is you are discussing. Rockstar knew fully well what the 360 could do before taking the offer to make a 360 version, and yet Microsoft is seen as the ones that forced them to take the money. Rockstar are only complaining after GTA wasn't received well by everyone and everyone has moved on with another game. It's Rockstar not Microsoft's problem. Fanboy.

InfiniteUnfloppery3657d ago

Let us Pop the Champagne for the Xbox Brand is Officially on it's Last Breath

juuken3657d ago

You are correct sir.
Microsoft is too closed up with their system and that's why they're holding back most of the worthwhile games. A certain FFXIII comes to mind...

Cajun Chicken3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

They wanted more money, yes.
But admit it. GTAIV would be more San Andreas and not Liberty City if it wasn't for the 360's DVD discs, because they would of had all that space like what happened with the CD-Rom to DVD.
Yes, it would of come out later but I think it would of been a much more expansive game and I have a theory the exclusive DLC is the actual content of the game that couldn't fit on a DVD and was cut down for all formats for the sake of multiplatform sales.
I think its been made already, its been made for years. It was just separated from the disc.
Why do I say such a crazy thing?

GTA1 had a choice of about 3 different players traveling in the same cities, if we're talking GTAIV DLC being different characters and scenarios in the city it sounds as if Rockstar *could* of been doing what happened in GTA1 with multiple scenarios and characters and essentially rebooting the whole series.
This would make the game like Tarantino's storytelling that the series takes a lot after that tell the stories in different sections and timespans.
That would fit in with the GTA spliced artwork designs, yes?

It is my belief that GTAIV and the exclusive DLC are the same and was meant to be one big game but was only separated for the sake of more money.

Homicide3657d ago

Another game hold back on the PS3 thanks to 360.

zo6_lover273657d ago

It was separated for the sake of DVD9.
Like you said, it was all meant to be in the game, but the kind of game GTA4 is prevents the option of multiple disks.

I find it ironic how the 360 gets exclusive DLC that it would have probably had from the start if it was ps3 exclusive

morganfell3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

This is the highest form of idiocy. Do they worry about making the DS and Wii versions the same of any game? No. The PSP and DS versions? No. Then why is id screwing PS3 owners? I think it is time for a very nasty visit over to the Id game forums.

AngryTypingGuy3656d ago

These webpages claim that the 1Up article is inaccurate. 1Up must be PS3 fanboys. I know most of you are retarded, so I should explain that that last sentence was something called sarcasm. You know, because any time something remotely negative about the PS3 is said, whoever says it is automatically a 360 fanboy according to you ladies.

Blu Ray33656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

The same thing happened last gen.
XBOX 1 was held back by the PS2.
It had way more power and a hard drive,PS2 didn't!
Yet the Ps2 won.
Was that fair?
Have the tables turned a bit?

I think Sony has a real grasp on this web site,and I see thousands of Sony extremists getting a dose of their own medicine this gen.
I'm not anti Sony..............just calling it as I see it.
Microsoft is even more dirty and ruthless,that's a fact!

At any rate,
go ahead and steal my bubbles out of anger or whatever.

This site is delusional,and the mods are Sony fanboys IMO.

karlostomy3656d ago

I couldn't agree more, dude. The ps2 held the xbox back and ALL the multiplats were better on the xbox.

It's also true about DVD9 in this case. Bluray would be better for this game.

But apart from that, the PS3 and 360 are very closely matched in actual performance, bar the price differential.

pixelsword3656d ago

...see ya' at the bargin bin.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

10 Hours on and this Story hasn't Failed yet???
You can't have bad xBox 360 News like this on this site??? ;-D

'We're hoping we can squeeze the game down to two discs for the 360 version'
;-D ;-D ;-D

'PLAY-BEYOND...xBox 360's LIMITS!!!' ;-D

I'm SOOOOOOO Happy i'm a PlayStation owner!!!;) Best Brand in the WORLD!!! ;-P

theKiller3656d ago

but i know, sony doesnt need an average game like this, so in this case they need to just be a MAN and pay for the 3rd disk and accept that lower income from the 360 version of the came and next time make only for ps3 time exclusives!!

BLUR1113656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

OOOHH nooooo Omg 360 owners are having a hard time dealing with this man oh man ... switching disk to another disk.. whattt! ,The hell you say! but but that will take 5 seconds i'd rather wait 10 minutes to install on my blu ray player.

lol you robots are so simple.

BLUR1113656d ago

now continue with your gay fanboy jealousy n4g orgy.

see ya in upcoming XBOX 360 articles... in the mean time, I'll be GAMING, if that word makes any sence to this site at all anymore.

Pain3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

1 -
Ps3 suffers because the 360 sucks


oh and HA!

lawman11083656d ago

According to id Software the recent reports that its upcoming title RAGE has been drastically scaled down on all platforms because of the Xbox 360's media-size limitation are inncorrect.

"There was NO CONTENT removed from RAGE because of the 360--NONE AT ALL," wrote Willits. "We feel the 360 is a great platform and will provide a fantastic Rage experience," id Software's Tim Willits told Shacknews. The original statement made by Willits mentioned the game had changed from "5 or 6 smaller wasteland environments but later decided instead to have 2 larger wastelands." The change was mostly due to the title shipping on two Xbox 360 discs but Willits claims the change was for the better of the game because it would reduce load times between all platforms.

So, RAGE hasn't been scaled down because of the Xbox 360 ... it was changed because of the Xbox 360. Completely different, people!

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Breakfast3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Its like the boulder tide to someones leg....
....quit holding us down.

Let this generation free, so it can spread its wings.


XXXCouture3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

ohh man, i can't wait to see how this turns out.

*leans back and takes some popcorn*

GiantEnemyCrab3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Didn't we already go thru this BS story? They don't want to pay for a third disc and want MS to forgo the licensing fee? Now they are talking about only 2 discs?

Don't release the game on the 360, I certainly don't give a crap about this game and telling potential customers you have to gimp it certainly isn't convincing me to buy it. Nothing is going to change, the 360 suddenly isn't going to have a larger discs so I don't know what kind of outcome he expects from these comments.

Rick Astley3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

The solution here should be quite simple, really. If Microsoft doesn't want to pony up that third disc id Software should just cancel the inferior 360 version. I'll be sure to send id an email with my thoughts. They'll make the right decision when they see that a legendary musician like myself is writing to them. After all I'm only trying to make things easier for them. John Carmack's true visions can be achieved on PC and PS3 hardware.

Real Gambler3657d ago

"so I don't know what kind of outcome he expects from these comments. "

Well, Microsoft already said that it was ok to use the hard drive (even if they sell a console without a hard drive!), most likely thanks to Square Enix, but also many devs who were complaining about the fact they could not use the hard drive.

Same now goes for paying Microsoft extra if you make a game on more than one DVD. Microsoft is too greedy. If devs don't complaint about it, then gimped games will the standard for years to come. Trust me, they can afford to forget the licensing fee for multiple DVDs. I hope they will. Sadly though,it's likely the only way left for them, to limit big games, and quite likely big installs, because too many current owners waking up and having to buy Microsoft's pretty expensive hard drive will not look good on them. Currently, they really look like they just want to slow things down until the 720 comes out in 2 years, so they can drop the 360 dead like they did with their first console. Sad.

Solid_Snake6663657d ago

ouch crab it throwing a fit man up princess

Montrealien3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

*face palm*

So id want's those extra discs royalty free and are playing hard ball. eh well, more power too them, let's just hope MS make the good decision and deals with this adequately.

now I'll step away from this thread and let the "enthusiasts" blow this out of proportion, as usual.

YoshiMeetsU3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Fernando how is he throwing a fit? He brings up a couple good points unlike your post which contributes nothing and is bordering on taunting.

I hope MS makes the right decision and gives developers the freedom to make the games they want in an affordable way. I dont think this game is due till 2010 so there is plenty of time to resolve it.

BattleAxe3657d ago

I belive that we are going to see more and more of this as we continue into the future.

i_eatbreakfast4lunch3657d ago

oh how the generation 6.5 console is really showing its color these days

Genesis53657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Well it's probably not the first time a multi plat has had to hold content back. It's just the first time anyone has said anything about it. Developers just have to try and make them as equal as possible.

rroded3657d ago

we expect some fans won't be terribly pleased that it's affecting other versions of the game as well.

and i was hyped about this game but cutting back the ps3 and pc version for the 3fixme is a kick in the nads for any real gamer.

CommonSense3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

a game i'll finally buy on ps3 over 360???

@the ps3 fanboys: maybe if the ps3 were a bigger contender, the company wouldn't have to focus on the game as if 360 would be it's best software seller. use logic before you run your mouths about how 360 is holding us back. 360 leads in software sales week after week, of course companies will cater to it.

Rick Astley3657d ago

"According to Willits, the game was supposed to feature several wastelands for the player to explore. Because of the limitations of the Xbox 360's media, they had to cut down the wastelands to only two, which are themselves split into multiple instances. These changes have been made across all versions of Rage, not just the 360 port."

I am so disgusted right now.

Montrealien3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

So it took you 1 hour to read a 3 paragraph story you commented on 1 hour ago?

I'm sure with a few more disc will be fine and solve the problems he is talking about. But if the game really suffers because they want to cram the game on 2 DvDs, something does not smell right. I was getting this on the PC anyways and I just can' t understand why they would want to make all the versions suffer because of that.


naw, that can't be right, no one is holding a gun to their head to make this game on the 360. Well, maybe EA is, but still. something ain't right here.

radio0o3657d ago

so damn true. microsoft is pushing its weight on top of this generation and really holding back games by forcing developers to support the xbox.

Winter47th3657d ago

Hope this won't be the case with FFXIII and the rest of the Multi-Plats.

HighDefinition3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

FF13Versus is EXCLUSIVE. I think in about a years time were gonna start seeing LOTS MORE PS3 exclusives, because of things like this.

KingME3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I agree with you 100%, instead of ID b!tching and whining about the 360 version disc limitations, perhaps they should create the PS3 version separately as not to hold the PS3 version back. I really think that this is just a smoke screen. Release a gimped version for the 360 and go ahead a release the 25 gig version for the PS3. Personally I don't think anyone is gonna be crying too much about it.
If the 360 version sucks, no one's gonna buy it so why waste their time. I'm not gonna buy it anyway.

Instead of the PS3 fans doing what ID wants them to do by bashing the 360 they should be b!tching out ID for not have a separate build for the PS3. They act as if the 360 disc space unexpectedly was reduced to 6-8 gig. "ID Software" don't blame the 360 for your inability to create a proper compression algorithm. Carmack and CO. have always been a bunch of whiners.

@radio - "microsoft is pushing its weight on top of this generation and really holding back games by forcing developers to support the xbox."

So should microsoft not make people support the xbox?

ape0073657d ago

that the next gta is a ps3 exclusive

don't woryy about the about the 360's install base,cause everybody will jump to ps3 if it was exclusive


HighDefinition3657d ago

GTAV will be a PS3 exclusive.

3657d ago
UnSelf3657d ago

was that really necessary? the quote about Ricky takin hrs to read a 3 paragraph article i mean. The guy prolly has a life and went to do something much more productive then debate wit idiots on forums.

@Breakfast: that was prolly the smartest thing u ever posted

Real Gambler3657d ago

This game or any games could be on 10 dvds and nobody would complaint. The problem is that Microsoft is charging royalties on EACH dvds, so the more dvds a game has, the less money the dev make. Today's margin are really slim. So the devs have two choices. Make a great game in many dvds, and let Microsoft rip the profit by getting more money for each dvds the game has, or simply gimp the game and make it fit on one, or two dvds and the devs suddenly end up with more money in their pockets but a gimped game at the end.

So the first thing Microsoft should do is to help the devs making great games, by simply removing those royalties on EACH dvds. Just charge for the game only (no matter how many dvds), and let the gamers decide if they want to buy a game with 3, 4 or even 5 dvds.

Now, think about it. You're suggesting a gimped 360 version and a full PS3 version. What do you think would happen if they went to Microsoft with this idea. Answer from Microsoft: "I'm sorry, but you cannot publish your game for our console" You will never see a game gimped that badly showing up on both consoles. Microsoft or Sony would never allow it. In the end they are the one who decide if a game is ok or not for their console. So the ONLY choice for a dev is always, make both version as close as you can, or kiss a very good chunk of the market goodbye. Dang, today, if a game on one console has one pixel less than the other console, it's on CNN. Think about what would happen with a fully gimped game.

So 3 choices:
1- Cut your market and cut your profit by publishing only on one console
2- Make a multiple dvd games and cut your profit, but sell on both consoles
3- Gimp the game for both console, still tap the full market, and get some decent profit (though you have to hope people will still buy the game)

Sadly, I guess Microsoft won't change it's mind. They do need more money I guess.

Montrealien3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )


Yeah with 3 comments in 3 hours on a story that is, as I said, 3 paragraphs, you may be right. But then again, you may be wrong. And people arguing on forums on N4G are members of the community and you should not call them names, try to keep it civil, this is the gamer zone.

on topic: I just think something is fishy, Carmack says, it's lack of disk space, and it could be remedied with more discs, but they don't want to pay the royalties. Then this? I just think they are putting MS's balls in a vice to get rid of the royalties. I may be wrong. I'm getting it on the PC either way, I just think it would suck if they make all versions suffer because they want to squeeze the game on 2 discs for the 360 version, it kind of make no sense.

@ gambler

100% agree. I'm hoping all this drama, which is all over the net, will force MS to react, I think in the end that is the point of ID calling them out, and making them look bad like this.

Atomic3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I'm sure the 360 version of FF13 will be on at least 4 disc.
what kind of message Microsoft is sending to developers right now? if we don't think your game is worthy, forget about any special treatment from us ?!!
that just shows the favoritism that is running in Microsoft corrupt system.

AAACE53656d ago

They should just cancel this game on 360 and release it exclusively on Ps3, so the Ps3 version can be made the way it was supposed to be made, with no limits to what can be done on the Ps3... just like HAZE!

LOL! No seriously, they should just release this game for Ps3! It seems like it was intentionally made to be a Ps3 exclusive. I don't know why they would even try to make it multiplat!

thetruthinator3656d ago

The PS3 is going to have twice the content!!!!!!

.... and half the frame rate.....

And I'm not even making that up... just go read the reviews of any multi-platform game. 9 times out of 10 ill be right.

Could you guys help me out and disagree with me? I'm looking to hit about 65 if i can. The more the better. The sounds of everybody agreeing with each other is getting rather stale on N4g...

GarandShooter3656d ago

I can't solve this problem for the fanboys, but I can solve it for id.

Listen up Carmack. First, stop complaining about MS and pretend this is the version of the game you intended to release. Next, instead of pushing for lower royalties, turn it into a moneymaker, by allowing MS to pay you $50 million for exclusive DLC. Now you have turned a cost into a profit and still released the game you envisioned.

SL1M DADDY3656d ago

Release the supirior version on the PC and PS3 and release a dumbed down version for the 360 so it will fit within the confines of it's limited hardware. Why gimp two other versions for one platform?

DaTruth3656d ago

Fanboys said: Just make it on more disks. Now we find that's not so easy. All this time multiplats were gimped for this reason. PS3 exclusives looking better. "Blue rays not necessary".

dro3656d ago

i swear if the ps3 version suffers bcuz of the 360 im not bying the game. i said in a post a while back that devs should stop trying to make the 360/ps3 version the same, if there are doing the same with this game then it sucks bad. the 360 is holding games back and im sure ms knows it, the sad thing is that future multi plat games will also be held back bcuz of this, multiplat games on the ds/psp do not look the same so y dose consoles makers do the same, pls let only the 360 version suffer but add all the extra things u want to add to the ps3 version.the ps3 is a better console than the 360 so take advantage of it and do not downgrade the ps3 version bcuz of the 360,looks like im starting changing my mind about bying a 360 this christmas;i will just by the 80gig ps3 and keep my 40gig incase sometimes happens to my 80gig.

Bloodwar3656d ago

if a PC's DVD is the same size as the Xbox 360 DVD. Unless they are planning on streaming the game on the PC only. If they can release 4 or 5 DVDs for the PC to match the PS3 BRDVD size capacity then whats the difference? They can then release the 4 or 5 DVDs for the Xbox 360 as well? Am I incorrect in assuming this? Someone please help me understand.

marinelife93656d ago

Why would a developer admit that he is gimping his game??

Either he's incredibly stupid as far as marketing acumen.

Or he is trying to put pressure on MS to allow him to dodge the royalties on the third disc.

In MS's defense. If they make an exception for ID they'll have to make the same exception for every developer. They don't want to lose the income.

3656d ago
m91058263656d ago

LMAO ^^^^^^^^^^^^

If you knew ANYTHING about Carmack, you'd know that the only beef he's ever had with them was about DirectX and OpenGL. He's not a fan of multi-core processors or fancy coding, and he has repeatedly gave the 360 props in the past. But he predicted it almost 3 years ago, DVD is going to hold back the 360, and in this case he can clearly see that a larger media is the way to go to see his vision through. And to the person who said "learn to compress better", read up on megatextures. You may just learn something.

DaTruth3656d ago

Please don't, MS has all the defenders it needs and far too many for my taste.

waltercross3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

There is no Royalties for extra DVD's on the PC as
there is for the 360.

By the way, I'm so frickin GLAD that a developer
finally came fourth and spoke up!.

All those who says this and that about "ID quit complaining"
etc don't know what there talking about.

Rockstar and ID are my Heroes.

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strotee3657d ago

<insert multi-platform title name> Held Back By Xbox 360's Limits

PirateThom3657d ago

I thought DVD was fine and Blu-ray wasn't needed?