Why I Cannot Adore Peter Moore

Peter Moore has been in the video game industry longer than many people have been alive. I would be a fool to not acknowledge that. He is known by some as the man that watched the Dreamcast crash and burn. Others attribute him to the red rings of death. I cannot tell you which is better. Currently the head of EA Sports, Mr. Moore has decided to make comments regarding Sony. Is anyone the least bit surprised? Are the comments fair? Are the comments justified? Maybe, but that does not mean I have to like the individual that made them.

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InfiniteUnfloppery3595d ago

I Congratulate Peter Moore for single-handily Killing both the Sega Dreamcast and the Xbox 360,he is truly the man of Amazing Flop Status

cemelc3595d ago

man that was the funniest comment ever, jajajajajjajajajajajj

Bubble + for you

InfiniteUnfloppery3595d ago

We're about to Piss on your Shoes,hahaha

InfiniteUnfloppery3595d ago

Thank you Sony for providing the most Entertaining and Revolutionary Video Game Console in the History of Video Game Consoles,if I could I would give you a Huge Hug for your Amazing Products

Stryfeno23595d ago

I got to give it to are the fastest troll on N4G. You hit every 360 news before the contributer hits submit on his keyboard.

You are a rare breed indeed...Congrats.

SIX3595d ago

is a mole sent in by Sony to sabotage the competitor. It all makes sense now.

UnSelf3595d ago

if hes the mole, wouldnt Sony be the competition thats hes tryna sabotage?

HighDefinition3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

Because he reminds me of Satan, everytime I look at him.

deeznuts3594d ago

What SIX is tryna say is Sony is sending this fool around to sabotage these other companies. He pulled the plug on the dreamcast. Gave the 360 RROD. Now he's going to screw up EA somehow (yay).

Why is he constantly talking crap about sony? Cover.

mgbass133595d ago

Poor 'ol Petey has been Tbagged by Sony twice in the past. He is officially our b!tch.

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