Activision Tripling Guitar Hero Releases by 2010

Activision Blizzard will triple the amount of Guitar Hero titles and content it offers by 2010, Activision Publishing CEO Mike Griffith revealed today at the company's Analyst Day. That expansion extends to both retail titles and downloadable content for the popular multi-instrument music game series, and follows Activision's plans to double the amount of Guitar Hero releases in 2009.

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LinuxGuru3595d ago

Yep, and they continue to keep milking the masses with assloads of DLC.

Pretty soon, people are gonna be going into debt just because they can't afford the thousands of dollars in songs they've bought over the past few years of playing rock band and guitar hero.

outlawlife3595d ago

they need to stop with the yearly iterations and release one master game at which all the downloadable content works for

rockband is closer to that aspect but guitar hero insists on changing the peripheral slightly every year and making the downloads not compatible cross version