The Sims 3: A Tale of Two Sims

Arnie and Herman share a large home with a nice swimming pool in Pleasant Valley. Arnie is a politician whose lifetime wish is to become the leader of the free world. Herman also has high aspirations, wanting to become an astronaut. Arnie is a party animal and great conversationalist, which is good for winning votes, but also materialistic. Herman is brave (an important attribute for an astronaut) but also clumsy, which means every once in a while he may set the kitchen on fire.

These goals and personality traits were chosen early on for Arnie and Herman by their creator -- the player of The Sims 3. Electronic Arts has made a mint on The Sims, a series that has multiplied like rabbits over the years through its expansion packs and spin-offs, moving from consoles to phones. In fact, when EA restructured its company, The Sims became one of EA's four labels, right up there with EA Sports. A lot is riding on The Sims 3 -- after all, gamers have been waiting five years since The Sims 2 pushed Will Wright's original vision into the third dimension.

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