Why I Hate ARK: Survival Evolved - A Beginner's Experience On PS4

Josh from Start Replay says, "I play ARK: Survival Evolved for the first time, and give my impressions on its PlayStation 4 arrival."

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Goldby379d ago

first problem was [playing Scorched earth as your first game play. that map is for veterans who know what they are doing

Ghost_of_Tsushima377d ago

Buying this game was the biggest waste of money I've ever spent on a game. It's the most unoptimized game I've ever seen, the servers lag non stop, and the visuals are a downright eye sore.

joab777377d ago

Isn't it a beta or something?

Irishguy95377d ago

Early access? At least they tell you what you're getting unlike some devs

Ghost_of_Tsushima377d ago (Edited 377d ago )


"Early access? At least they tell you what you're getting unlike some devs"

It's been in early access a year and here's what you're currently getting.

"However, as with many other elements in the game, the handling of materials can look a touch primitive: skin textures appear plastic-like, and there's a lack of realism across the way surfaces behave under different lighting conditions. That's surprising, bearing in mind UE4's state-of-the-art rendering features."

"Romps through swampland on both builds can see frame-rate dip well below 20fps, illustrating just how much of a challenge the developers face in getting Ark: Survival Evolved into shape."

"Ark is often plagued with momentary stutter that can range from 100ms all the way up to 500ms - a split-second, intrusive freeze-frame effect. On top of that, the developers are running with a completely unlocked frame-rate with v-sync disabled, meaning that screen-tear is a constant companion throughout the adventure."

"From a resolution perspective, we're looking at a game currently featuring a sub-720p resolution (1088x612 or somewhere in the region), which is a first for the current console generation and obviously something that needs to be improved."

"Draw distances can't compare with titles such as Just Cause 3 or Assassin's Creed Syndicate though, and it's clear that smaller environmental objects and the game's wildlife are culled at a much closer range. Pop-in is noticeable here, with scenery initially appearing via a dithered fade, before hard switches are made to higher quality models as the camera gets closer."

Utalkin2me377d ago


Try it has been in early access for a year and a half.

freshslicepizza377d ago

its been in early access for way too long

they are charging for dlc while in early access

the game runs like crap

= these guys dont know what they are doing

FITgamer377d ago

Yeah not really a fan of it. Maybe because the few times I've played it, I was solo. Seems like a game that would be more fun with friends.

Lostbytes377d ago

game has not been released is in a preview state. Wildcard has been VERY forward about optimizations. There are multiple posts on Steam and the Ark forums about how optimization will be done in the 3-4 month before official release, they want to get all the content in then optimize. And from a coders stand point it makes perfect sense. if they optimize then add more content they need to optimize again.

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fabiani377d ago

just wait for mesozoica

IxWoodstockxI377d ago

Ark is awesome it's better when you have a group of friends to play with. It's an early access game and it's only $20 I got my money's worth.

MaximusTKG376d ago

Except that it is $54.99 on PS4, for those who dont play PC

SublimeStylee2377d ago

Wow pretty inaccurate!!! I played the Xbox one version for over a year and yes it had most of these problems! But I purchased it on ps4pro in December and I can safely say the game is night and day!! They really cleaned it up and I've had no tearing of slow downs on ps4pro. It runs smooth for me. I can't speak for original ps4. My only real complaint is lack of dedicated servers. They are constantly full!! Ps4 only has 192 servers where Xbox has close to 2000 yes 2000. Its ridiculous you constantly have to restart on ps4 because you can never get back to your server and you lose your character and progress it's really stupid. So i stoped playing because of this. I paid 80$ to see full servers everyday!!! No one seems to care about this!!!! And this is the biggest problem!!!! Get more servers!!!

Mithan377d ago

Game is awesome. Has some bugs, but after a few hundred hours into it, love it.

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