Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo: Which video game giant will have the most successful 2017?

A look at how the big three will handle new consoles, upgraded hardware and maintaing sales dominance.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

1. Sony
2. Microsoft
3. Nintendo

1. Sony
2. Nintendo
3. Microsoft

naruga379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

the answer is already answered by the numbers = market,sales , fans and critics : PS4 with Sony ....they are far ahead to catch up

uptownsoul379d ago

Question: "Which video game giant will have the most successful 2017?"

Answer: The same video game giant that had the most successful 2014, 2015 & 2016. And that would be PS4. The train this generation don't stop

bouzebbal379d ago

The one with most games. Sony

Notwithrocksteady379d ago

@naruga in a race without a Finishline like this console sales war, what does it matter if Microsoft is in second as long as they're still running ?. Microsoft has been in the console business over 15 years now and they're doubling down, they're not going anywhere. I am a console only gamer and I will never game on PC. I will buy the Scorpio at whatever price Microsoft ask for it and spend thounsands of more dollars on video games for that console. Microsoft has the mindshare this year because everyone is waiting to see what Microsoft has in store for Scorpio and what games they're going to announce at E3. No one is really talking about the PS4 Pro anymore, just ps4 in general. Any topic that comes up is going to be talked about with Scorpio in the back of everyone's mind.

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Genuine-User379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Let's see how it plays out. Sony will undoubtedly have a smashing year.

Notwithrocksteady379d ago (Edited 379d ago )


Windows 10 pc's are the most powerful and soon to be Scorpio for consoles

New exciting fresh consoles
1.Microsoft zen and vega custom console beast

New games announced at E3 2017
2.nintendo ( they blew their load a new game announcements already)

Games that push the boundaries of gaming i.e. Crackdown & 100% full city destruction
Here is a 2 1/2 year-old game build a crackdown 3 at IGN
Watch the video or don't bother commenting to me because your head is stuck Firmly in the ground.

Utalkin2me379d ago

ROFLMAO......Yes he really just typed that out. Not a single thing you typed points to why anybody is going to have the most successful year. This is probably the biggest pile of garbage typed out on here since i last read a rookie message.

stuna1379d ago

Man please take off the goggles, because they are foggy.

I understand you may prefer Microsoft's console to the others, but just from your listing of games that supposedly will push boundaries that makes what you say not to be taken seriously! Honest question when has Microsoft pushed boundaries!? They've always played it safe with the same old franchises.

As far as game announcements go Sony beats Microsoft with both hands tied behind their back.

Power is great and all, but games trump power any day! And going by Microsoft's track record they're more concerned about having the most powerful console on the market and B/C games than they are about investing in home grown 1st party studio's which will produce fresh new IP's.

So you keep believing what you wrote, and continue to let Microsoft smack you back to reality.

Z501379d ago

As you were typing YOUR FIRST WORD "Features" I know you giggled a little, lol.
The first word you typed was features, NOT software.

Phill-Spencer379d ago

"Window pc's are the most powerful" if you got the right hardware, which has nothing to do with microsoft.

"New and fresh consoles" that's a thing of preference. Sony doesn't have a new console in 2017 so it's up between ms and nintendo.

"New games announced at e3" So the announcement of games is somehow more important than the actual 2017 releases? Yeah right! And in addition to that, nobody of us knows what sony still got up their sleeves. But ms track record of e3 has been lackluster at best so it sony probably still will announce more games than ms.

"Games that push boundaries" crackdown could, IF it turns out like they showed. Have to wait and see if this feature has to be limited because the games was originally intended to use the bogus almighty cloud.

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jznrpg379d ago

Nintendo may take that 2 spot, combining handheld (their biggest strength) with console could be the right formula. 3ds has a ton of good games, it will be interesting.

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chrisx380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

It all points to a Ps4 dominated year again as always. With exclusive Games like Horizon, God of war 4, Ni-oh and a whole lot of exclusive diverse games coming this year. Its a one - two punch from the Ps4 in 2017

Notwithrocksteady379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Mark my words, God of war 4 is not coming out this year.
Horizon - Microsoft has crackdown 3
Ni-oh - Microsoft has sea of theives
Microsoft games are more epic scale and scope. AAA games are what matter to most people.
These are AAA games so people are not confused anymore
God of war
Crackdown 3
sea of theives
Gears of war
Call of duty
Elder scrolls
Dark souls
The legend of Zelda
Deus ex
The last of us
Grand theft auto
Quantum break
Forza horizon 3
red dead redemption
Batman arkham series
These are the games that people buy. Stop using the fact that PS4 has an overwhelming abundance of clone and garbage games. Notice how Xbox fanboys never use trash games to back up their argument for exclusive games, just AAA's ?. With all the third-party and first party games coming out this year no one is getting those garbage games In big numbers.

@stunawhat you posted is not true at all.
Can you Please tell me what New PlayStation IP so better than uncharted 4?Dead rising 4 outsold the last guardian
Halo 5 outsold Uncharted 4 ( it's been out longer and has been cheaper longer do you really think it hasn't sold more than the 5 million back in January of last year) give me a break lol
Gears of war 4 outsold infamous second son
Killer instinct outsold street fighter 5
Titanfall on Xbox one outsold Titanfall 2 on ps4
Ryze outsold knack
Dead rising 3 outsold Killzone
ORI and the blind Forrest outsold resogun
Do you got any numbers and/or the links to prove me wrong or you right ? You guys act like we have no memories and that your exclusive's are we're so amazing. When Microsoft does hopefully finally release sales numbers on all the exclusives at E3 I'm gonna come here and serve all you guys some stank ass crow.

stuna1379d ago

Just stop it man! As of now all the games you listed all the 3rd party games have sold better on PS4!And to make matters worse the majority of PS4 1st party games have outsold the majority of Microsoft's 1st party games.

You want to list something list a new Ip of Microsoft's that performed as well as their well as their well known Ip's!?

Sony has a couple.

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AcidDvl377d ago

FYI, this guy sends PM to people with garbage like this LOL
And insults them in the PM's.

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moegooner88380d ago

Reads like it was written by some noob, who Googled the three consoles, and collected some random data.

81BX379d ago

True, but i bet you itll cue the sony only fans.... like clock work

masterfox380d ago (Edited 380d ago )

Most successful ? hmm this is so difficult to choose!, hmm lets see:

* Xbone no exclusives and sad gaming library and the scorpio at this point is just an imaginary console by MS.

* The switch is just a damn tablet with Marios/Pokemons, Zeldas and imaginary hipsters as gamers(lol), ok moving ON

* The PS4 with lots exclusives releasing this year, not to mention the superior multiplatforms, and with more than 50 millions console sold it only means one thing more games will be created for the PS4. :D

Ha! who am I kidding the PS4 wins 2017 easily :D

EddieNX 380d ago

Odds on this guy being a Sony fan now 1/20 !!!

Rimeskeem380d ago

Also evidently the attachment rate for Gears 4 on Xbox One.

UltraNova380d ago

Hahaha Rimeskeem you cheeky bugger!

Notwithrocksteady379d ago

What AAA games are being created because Sony has sold a lot of PS4's ? can you tell me that ? I'll wait here

eagle21379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Mostly every major third party game you can imagine. PS4 is the market leader and is installed comfortably in every major country. So developers are more than willing to make PS4 games. Unlike Xbox which sells like a Cory Feldman CD in japan.

Notwithrocksteady379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Yes but how is that affected the Xbox or Microsoft. 99% Of AAA third party games come to the Xbox so I don't get what you're saying. The console industry is dying in Japan.

Trez1234379d ago (Edited 379d ago )

Can you tell us what AAA games mean? You named crackdown and sea of thieves in your so called AAA games but what makes them AAA as opposed to Persona 5, Nioh, nier automata? Because they're western? Or are you sure that the games you mentioned have a bigger budget? Then you called bloodborne AAA, why? Because it reviewed well and was an awesome game or the budget?

Persona 5, nier automata both have better budget then the games you've named and you can only play the demo of nier to get the feel of the production value or check persona 5 on YouTube or see how much it sold first week in Japan to see how big of a deal that game is for jrpg fans worldwide.

Don't let marketing cloud what's in front of your eyes. Oh by the way, ratchet and clank sold pretty well, has some crazy graphics , gameplay and reviewed really well but for you, QB was AAA but rachet wasn't?

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Relientk77380d ago


Nintendo might do really good with the Switch as well.

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