Socom's Network Issues?? Who cares?

For those of you that have been blessed with a Socom Confrontation Beta Code, you might have noticed a slight issue with the network while trying to play. Either the 10 minute loading screen, the rude reboot of the PS3, or the every 2 second lag that seems to never get better unless you are playing 2 vs 2.

Yes Socom for the PS3 is by far not ready for prime time when it comes to its multiplayer feature, but really does this change your decision to purchase the game? Let's start off with this.. It is "Beta" and yes it is quite possibly one of the worst betas yet, but I'm sure Sony has noticed the issue right? They even have a very nice welcome to the network issue screen when you start up Socom.

Now, what if there were only a few network issues? Does Socom rule, and become the most anticipated game? Or does it become a "for the bluetooth headset purchase"? What ever it is, Socom when running decent is a brilliant game, the fun factor is top notch. Yes, you will quite possibly have the best fun, when creating a room with maximum of 6 players, but if Sony can pull this off in time for its assumed October release, not only will Socom be a hit, but quite honestly Sony should be awarded with the "fastest fix before release" Trophy.

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CViper3595d ago

Yes, its OK at best when you get in. But the rest of the bog/freezing is unplayable. Everyone understands its a beta, but hell, this is just a really BAD beta. I doubt they are going to get any input that they didn't already know. If this is to test the connections, then thats fine. If they have a working version of this working LAn that connects easily to games, has a FRIGGEN CANCEL BUTTON while connecting, I'd LOVE to see it.

The Sounds are amazing. You can hear dudes whispering when you are near by trying not to be too loud. Its great. The graphics are dull when you are still, but if you notice while moving there is full Object & Motion blur going on.

But its an embarrassing product to submit to Socom Fans. S6 better get their game together by launch, and I'm not buying without a demo.

Killjoy30003595d ago

For te beta, yes, I really don't care because since when was a beta supposed to live up to the polish of a final product? The only two games I've seen nearly accomplish tat are WarhawK and Halo 3.

But the final product should definately never skip a beat due to lag. Hell, in my mind, /6 has no excuse for this game not running at a perfect, silky smooth 60 fps. I mean, it's not like the game is photo-realistic.

CViper3595d ago

Yeah thats my problem with it. I don't get WHY the performance is so bad?!? I'm giving in the benefit of the doubt, but it really is just a bad product to show to the public.

Disagree all you like folks, its not like im a anti-ps3 fanboy here. Socom Beta is terrible. I hope to god the final product lives up to Socom Heritage, but the beta doesn't even touch Socom3's online.

jwatt3595d ago

Yea the game is addictive when you get in it but the load times are rediculous.

name3595d ago

The game without the issues is f'ng great. The game with the issues is still good. My biggest problem is just the 10 minute load screens.

INehalemEXI3595d ago

My biggest problem is that they did not email me my beta code. I should not of given away that one I got from eurogamers darnit. Oh well.

BubblesDAVERAGE3595d ago

Is there split screen in this game

theEnemy3595d ago

Asking people a question and calling them stupid isn't really smart.

-Bubbles for you Bubbles.

remanutd553595d ago

at bigkev, you are right the beta has some serious network issues, this is my first socom game(never got into it in my ps2 days) and i love the tactical team play , it isnt by any means the best looking game but i found it very addictive , i think insomniac and incognito need to give these guys a lesson how to handle a beta, thats the only issue i've got with the game, i'll buy it day 1 but those network issues have to be warhawk standards (no lag at all) , thats what i expect from ps3 exclusives(dedicated serves with no lag) but i'll let it pass because its a beta

Bits-N-Kibbles3595d ago

I do...

Warhawk had some major issues with the network in the beginning, it took a while to get where it is today!

I remember being at a very high rank when i wasn't suppose to and i would get kicked from the server and games that weren't full would say they would be.

PS. Warhawk is awesome (especially with the jetpacks)

- Bits-N-Kibbles

remanutd553595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

yes man, you are right , warhawk had a couple of network issues at the beggining but since then the game has come a long way and i just thought being socom a well established franchise , sony should've been ready , theres a lot of people that are waiting to play the beta , it just that i compare every ps3 multiplayer online game to warhawk (you see to me warhawk is the best online experience i've ever had on a console), they just need to fix those network problems in socom thats all, i love the beta but i dont like those network issues, maybe i've been spoiled with warhawk but i dont think we are gonna see those issues with R2 and KILLZONE2 betas

EDIT: btw do you know how can i get the marksman medal in warhawk?

villevalorox3595d ago

hey if any one has an extra key ill trade you 2 psn games for it, my friend needs one. pm me on n4g or psn:villevalorox

vlachomir3595d ago

How are you going to give the 2 PSN games?

lsujester3595d ago

Yeah, I mail people PSN games all the time. Just remove the HDD, put it in a box, and slap on a bunch of stamps.

theEnemy3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

He can give you PSN Games by giving you an account that has a purchased PSN games.

He can even give it to 3 more people if he want to since PSN Games can be downloaded on up to 5 different PS3s.

vlachomir3595d ago

...if he is willing to share his account where he purchased psn games with someone he does not know, why doesn't he share his account with his friends so they can download the beta, wouldn't that be better?

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