The Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels - Part One

Phil writes, "We all have them-- games we very much enjoyed but then their sequels came up short in some way. The six games featured on this inaugural edition of The Most Disappointing Video Game Sequels fit the bill precisely. Now, they might not be bad games by any stretch of the imagination (though, some definitely are), but they did have to disappoint in some aspect of the game. Maybe they weren't as fun or creative as their predecessors, were rushed out to market, or some other reason. After scoping out and reading through SuperPhillip Central's picks, feel free to bring up those sequels that you wish turned out better than they actually did."

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PixelGateUk707d ago

Driver 3...sorry, Driv3r, it still burns

Alexious707d ago

That has to be the single biggest disappointment I ever had in a video game. The first two games rocked.

707d ago
Profchaos707d ago

Seriously gta 4 was a great game for the time it launched. It had better graphics in an open world game then allot of fps had in a linear game at the time.

The story was great and the environment was so alive. I still love it to this day.

Plus it recived 10s across the board.

Profchaos706d ago

Niko was a man who only knew war that was all he was good at and when he gets the chance to start a new he struggles to do so and keeps getting dragged into the criminal life. It was much more deeper emotional story about a broken man struggling to get it together while protecting the only family he has.

Was it perfect no not many games get it right but it acknowledges the irony of Niko trying to get it together only to mow down 50 other mobsters or gangbangers numerous times.

Plus it flows into the 2 pieces of dlc quite well making the players time in liberty feel connected and complete.

Remember it's from 2008 at that time most open world games simply had you drive to point a then B with no explanation as to why adding in music and catch phrases and other techniques to distract the player.

Now gta v also killed it in terms of story but one is not better than the other they were vastly different. But 4 still stands as a solid story to date.

Go back and play San Andreas and tell me that parts of it were not cheesy