Is Microsoft Closing Studios In Favour of Price Cuts?

That Gaming Site has a interesting article up on how studio closures at Microsoft usually "coincide" Xbox 360 price drops, they see how the two might be connected and raise some very interesting points.

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IzKyD13313689d ago

To Microsoft, profit comes before integrity

Elven63689d ago

Almost all companies follow that model, not just Microsoft.

IzKyD13313689d ago

some more than others *cough*EA*cough*

Killjoy30003689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

Sorry, Elven, but that little stealth stab at Sony didn't do anything. Everyone knows of the grubby likes of Microsoft.

Elven63689d ago

Killjoy: Simple Economics, Sony does "dirty deeds" as well, can I bring up the hype machine? Each has their own way, it dosen't have to be static.

Tobias1233689d ago

No need to be so defensive, just because someone mentions that Microsoft isn't really any more guilty of something than other companies, doesn't mean that they are taking a jab at Sony. I do believe that Sony "cares" about people more than Microsoft, but in the end, it's a company, and its goal is to make money.

sonarus3689d ago

I doubt it but LMFAO regardless. I wonder if microsoft is making any actual money at these prices. They have been in for 3yrs i think its about time they maybe want to start making some money on their hardware.

Like peter moore said they are just obsessed with beating sony

AAACE53689d ago

MS figures it is better to have members familiar with their particular franchises on board at MGS, rather than have developers spread around. Plus, alot of the studios that were closed didn't provide quality products.

They are probably following the Nintendo model and having all their people inhouse and having a person (like Miyamoto) or persons to oversee multiple projects at once.

So in other words... if you have 10 classrooms with 10 teachers. You can break it down to 1 large room with 3-4 teachers and not as many students. Getting more done with less people. Also if a particular area is having a problem... they can easily aquire information from another area easily who have probably faced the same problem previously!

Yeah it looks ugly that they are closing studios... but like I said, alot of them didn't make great games! When I looked at the list of studios, it took me a minute to remember what any of those studios made!

Teachers (supervisors/managers)

Students (workers)

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DavidMacDougall3689d ago

*Sound of burning spitfire*

-_-3689d ago

[[o_o Microsoft are going down]]

cemelc3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

And since the amount of money they lost because of this problem is so massive, M$ started closing first party studios.

InfiniteUnfloppery3689d ago

Poor Xbots,stuck with Flop First Party Studios that can not Produce AAA Quality Games

IzKyD13313689d ago

soon to be closed down studios ^^

-_-3689d ago

[[wow,sucks to be a microsoft developer]]

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