1UP: Yggdra Union Review

1UP writes: "I don't know how to pronounce this game's title, and I don't know what it's doing on the PSP. A port of a GBA game, Yggdra Union neither takes advantage of the PSP's power nor its more robust controls. Instead, Yggdra tries to compensate for its ho-hum core design with the Christmas-tree-ornament approach -- throw a bunch of shiny baubles onto the base and hope it coalesces into a sensory bonanza.

It doesn't. This isn't to say that Yggdra is a bad game, but for all the tinsel, it ain't anything special, either. You've got your characters from Manga Central Casting, Inc., your bad English voice acting (fortunately, you can swap to the vastly superior Japanese), your "let's save the world from evil!" plot, and your hex-based (or square-based) tactical maps. The actual combat, at least, presents a newish twist. See, Yggdra only allows one attack per side per combat round; no matter how many units you've got, only one can attack the enemy. The hook is that you can form "unions" so that you and your coworkers can drive up prices, artificially limit the workforce, prop up corrupt union bosses, and reduce the overall competency of work done. Oh wait, I'm thinking of Labor Union, not Yggdra Union. My bad."

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sinncross3739d ago

thsi reviewer sounds like a jerk somewhat..

regardless, i didnt think this psp title would be amazing, but it looked like a nice filler title.

millertime83063739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Well, we know where the reviewer stands on labor unions...