GamesRadar: Sim racing grows up

GamesRadar writes: "While waiting for my maiden online event at South Boston Speedway to commence, I took a cursory glance at the drivers I'd be competing against. There, at the top of the qualifying list, was Dale Earnhardt Jr. Yes…that Dale Earnhardt Jr.

It was one of those defining moments where you realize you aren't playing games anymore.

For those who haven't heard, David Kaemmer (of NASCAR Racing, IndyCar Racing, and GPL fame) and a talented group of programmers, artists, and laser-scanning wizards have completely reinvented the "sport" of PC sim racing with their fledgling online service. Forget everything you've ever learned about the digital manipulation of race car–shaped pixels on a computer screen. isn't just an evolutionary new racing sim; it's an entirely new brand of sport where anyone with the ambition, desire, and hardware can compete."

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