Nintendo Switch Needs 'Breath Of The Wild' At Launch

With rumors that the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be skipping its European launch slot - ScreenCritics Shaun explores why that would be bad.

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KimikoGaming472d ago

It needs something good at launch. The 3DS and Wii U both had very weak launch lineups that didn't give people reasons to get the systems. The Switch needs to do better.

ScreenCritics472d ago

The reveal is next week so *maybe* there's a hidden gem in there. I honestly can't see anything matching BOTW for pure hype. It would be insanity for Nintendo to let that hype slip by, even in one region.

Erik7357472d ago (Edited 472d ago )

The Mario platformer rumored to launch that is the likes of something like Mario Galaxy could get some strong hype as well.

I think they will show at launch a catalog of gamecube games on the system at launch, Skyrim remastered and sports games at launch, Zelda Breath of Wild and a big new Mario platformer the likes of Mario galaxy and Sunshine at launch, ubisoft shit at launch and later, then showing Mario kart and Super smash bros "remastered" for the first few months of the system, and a surprise new Nintendo game from a established IP is announced for 2018, and finally Beyond good and Evil 2 exclusivity announcement for 2018.

Should be solid showing.

EddieNX 472d ago

They showed it on Jimmy fallon, go figure...

superchiller472d ago

I saw that, really embarrassing.

wonderfulmonkeyman472d ago

That means nothing coming from a Nintendo hater.

Goldby472d ago

it was embarasing tho monkey.

10 minutes or so of fallon trying to keep his cool. doing alot of talking about the console, and little actual use shown.

Take off your hater glasses monkey man. Not everyone who talks negative about the switch is a nintendo hater.

TheGamez100472d ago

Hope they dont rush this game if its actually launching with the switch. I want this game to be the best it can be.

472d ago
SoulMikeY472d ago

I like how a few idiots get bored with their thumbs up their asses, make up a few lies, and all of the sudden it's "rumors"...

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The story is too old to be commented.