New Mass Effect Andromeda Video Is All About the Voices Actors of Protagonists Scott and Sarah Ryder

Today BioWare released a new video dedicated to Mass Effect Andromeda, and while it shows no gameplay, it's still quite interesting.

The video introduces Tom Taylorson and Fryda Wolff, who are the voice actors that will lend their voices to Scott and Sarah Ryder, the protagonists of the game.

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378d ago
SaveFerris378d ago

Mildly amusing, but I like it.

Christopher378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

ME1 through ME3, played female because Jennifer Hale is freaking awesome. Not sure about this one. Tom's voice seems to naturally have a more flavorful and meaningful tone to it. She sounds more jokish than a mix of serious and laid back. Perhaps I'm reading too much into her natural demeanor.

OB1Biker378d ago (Edited 378d ago )

As I understand it, unlike the previous ones, here the characters are actually different. It maybe even more interesting to play both and if that means Sarah is more joking and Scott more serious then it sounds cool to me.

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Mikey94378d ago

Game is 2 months away yet we've yet to see any real type of footage, no advertising nothing get the feeling game is being majorly rushed or is going to get hit with a delay for about an October release.

Christopher378d ago

Fallout 4 did the same thing...

BlakHavoc378d ago

Super pumped cause ME is one of my favorite franchises ever, but they need to shore more gameplay. I think right now they're relying on the name and reputation of the franchise to bring sales, they're not really showing much so not much is known about the game. I can't decide whether that's a good thing or not lol, I want to know more but not enough to ruin the experience. Just show one 7-10 minute gameplay demo.

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