PALGN: Quantum of Solace Preview

It's been a very long time since GoldenEye was released on the Nintendo 64. So long, in fact, that PALGN was starting to wonder if another James Bond game would ever live up to such a high standard that was set. With numerous games based on movies such as Licence to Kill and From Russia With Love turning out to be critical and commercial failures, it was with great curiosity then when they were given a chance to play through some of Quantum of Solace.

It's the first James Bond game to be released directly alongside the box office release of the movie itself, and also features the likeness of the new Bond himself, Daniel Craig. The game gets players to take part in the narratives of both Quantum of Solace and prequel Casino Royale, but just what tricks do they have up their sleeves to make 007 fun again for the first time in over a decade?

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