Godhand Coming to PS4 With Trophies as PS2 Classic

Alongside massive MvCI spoilers reddit user and Capcom insider Ten_Count_Fall provided some clarifying statements around some of the character inclusions for MvCI. One of these qualifiers was around Gene, the main character of the PS2 fan favorite GodHand.

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ZaWarudo682d ago (Edited 682d ago )

My anus just prolapsed.

Edit: just a rumor. My organs are back in place...

TWB682d ago (Edited 682d ago )


I was like Now am disapoint

Also, Gene is rumored for MvsC Infinite or whatever that game is called? Interesting.

God Hand really deserves a re-release. I would start a new playthrough immediately.

PaleMoonDeath682d ago

Tight!! Now god dammit, if you can do God Hand Capcom you can do Resident Evil Outbreak!!

_-EDMIX-_682d ago

What are you talking about? Bring all the damn onimusha games over!!! Lol

We never got a collection of that last generation, onimusha wasn't even ported to PlayStation Network Last Generation

Basically lived and died on the PlayStation 2

PaleMoonDeath681d ago

They kinda cant.. Onimusha uses real actors, they would have a bunch of legal issues getting those bad boys ported over :/ otherwise I'd have those too!

_-EDMIX-_681d ago

@twiggy- that is a really really good point.

I hope they can at least try to work something out because Yakuza series uses lots of real actors in that series is over 10 years old and they've been able to bring over lots of their games so who knows.

Lots of situations are different and legally they might have a more difficult time

zombiewombie681d ago

Im all for any kind of remake or remaster of outbreak.

bouzebbal681d ago

.....and maximo.....and onimusha

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Movefasta1993682d ago

It would be cool if capcom releases all the onimusha classics with trophies

_-EDMIX-_682d ago

Lol you too?

What makes me so pissed off is they made 4 games, 4 GAMES for god sakes , clearly it was successful enough for them to have to keep producing it , mind you that series did numbers very similar to Devil May Cry and we got so many re-releases of Devil May Cry.

onimusha has yet to get released even once on Modern platforms.

All while Sega is remaking the first Yakuza, Sega is even talking about remaking Yakuza 2 and bringing all of the series over to the PlayStation 4.

Yet capcom sleeping on onimusha.

681d ago
leahcim682d ago

One of the most underappreciated gems of yore.
Exquisite combo system and super crazy boss fights.

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The story is too old to be commented.