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710d ago
joab777710d ago

I really wish the Vita, or a Vita 2 had access to Google Play, or if Sony somehow was able to entice devs to create free or cheap apps for the PS Store. This, coupled with Now and Vue would make their mobile device a highly demanded product, and most importantly, it would not longer rely on Sony's constant support for success. If Sony sponsored an official app for playing console games in any WiFi connection, it would be huge and become a must buy for all PS4 owners, as well as mobile game lovers!

Fist4achin710d ago

That would be awesome. Unfortunately, anywhere outside of Japan, the Vita has been treated poorly. I would support a Vita 2 (if done right) and I think it could be a huge market depending on how the Nintendo Switch does.

awdevoftw710d ago

Looking forward to most of these games, and the ones that aren't mentioned. Sadly though, I'm backlogged till 2019. Lol.

Chaos_Order710d ago

My most anticipated on Vita right now are Danganronpa V3, Mary Skelter Nightmares, Tokyo Xanadu, Sharin No Kuni and Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy. :)

It's funny how tons of pillocks think games have stopped being released for it. #NoGamez #VitaIsDead and yet my backlog keeps growing. XD

Junebug710d ago

Valkyria Revolution is right up my alley even though they changed the combat mechanics.