PSBlog: Resistance Retribution - Developer Interview and Walkthrough

PlayStation Blog writes: "In case you guys haven't heard, Resistance: Retribution is coming to the PlayStation Portable, and has been making it's way around the world from E3, to Leipzig, to PAX; gathering awards everywhere it goes (we're up to 23 now!). We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Co-Directors John Garvin and Chris Reese to give you a look into what we've been showing, where the game is headed, and more".

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Rick Astley3622d ago

Dude this looks sick. Wouldn't it be awesome if Insomniac made a 3rd person Resistance?

Gitaroo3622d ago

day 1 purchase, interesting that Insonmaic said if they ever make a Resistance game for PSP they will make it like Killzone liberation, isometric view. But they let other company to work on it with a different style, which is still cool.

jlytle12343622d ago

the aiming system is brilliant. I cant wait for this.

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