The Uncharted 4 Photo Mode is Pokemon Snap for the Next Generation

Forget the shooting, looting, and pirate-bootying, Uncharted 4 is a game made for happy snaps.

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ClayRules2012623d ago

I love using Photo Mode in Uncharted 4. I hope more developers add it to their future games. I genuinely hope Guerrilla Games adds it to Horizon: Zero Dawn. I can't imagine the quality of photos gamers could get.

Macka1080623d ago

With Guerrilla's technical chops, I'm definitely on board for a Photo Mode in Horizon. What I've seen of the game already promises some breathtaking vistas, and those robo-animals are sure to strike some fearsome poses.

ClayRules2012623d ago

Yeah, some really breathtaking vistas! Let's hope it happens.

623d ago
Sm00thNinja623d ago

This headline is ridiculous. Yes it looks good but there's no incentive to use photo mode. I'm playing through it again as we speak and I've NEVER ONCE felt compelled to take screenshots everywhere. That's just me I guess seems there's a following dedicated to doing this now. I remember the mew level you had to earn in Pokemon Snap good times ...