Game Vortex: Unsolved Crimes Preview

Game Vortex writes: "Unsolved Crimes exposes the gritty underbelly of 1970's New York in a crime-drama game that will mix point-and-click adventure gaming, with brain-training sequences and twitch-based action events for what we hope to be a truly unique experience.

In Unsolved Crimes, you will take the role of a rookie who is being taught the ropes and throughout the game, you will help solve nine different crimes. While the first couple will feel very much like a tutorial and help you get your gumshoes wet, you will soon uncover the overarcing story that will lead to a much bigger mystery.

Most of the game involves exploring a full 3D world looking for clues and gathering evidence around crime scenes. One scene might have you examining a dead body, while another crime involves a kidnapping. But this game isn't just adventure style inventory gathering and puzzle-solving. As you explore the crime scenes, you will uncover oddities that will help solve the crime, when this occurs; you will go into a mini-game, similar to your standard DS brain-training games, to determine exactly what the clue means."

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