Game Vortex: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

Game Vortex writes: "Graphically, EA Tiburon's Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is right on par, and has never looked better. The player models, whether those native to the game, including Tiger Woods himself, or those created by players, look outstanding. In addition to the typical Create-A-Golfer commonly found in Tiger games of the past, you can also put your own mug on your created player.

To do so, you can either use your Xbox Live Vision Camera to snap front and side pictures of yourself, or simply use any digital camera and upload your photos to the Internet with a standard computer connection. Once uploaded, you can download them using your Xbox 360 and manipulate them to create a "perfect" replication of yourself to use with your profile. After your images are superimposed onto a player model, you can further tweak the settings to your liking. While it is amazing that the pictures can give life to your player, don't necessarily expect an exact mini-you immediately. It will likely take a lot of tweaking to get something that resembles you, but it is still an outstanding feature."

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