Rumor: No Mirror's Edge PC in 2008?

Big Download: "It was one of our most anticipated PC games for the fall but now there are some signs that Mirror's Edge might not make it to PC hard drives this year after all. The unusual first person action game from developer Digital Illusions and publisher Electronic Arts has generated tons of advance buzz and at the moment it looks like the console versions are still due for release this fall."

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Franklinstein3737d ago

This game gives me vertigo. Playing "Tomb Raider" in first person doesn't agree with me.

trancefreak3737d ago

i feel ya you will have to take ANTIVERT®

Charmers3737d ago

Meh after the way EA has been treating the PC format this is no surprise. I was initially interested in the title but the fact they will cripple it with DRM and now this delay means I will skip it.