Study: Teen video game play closes digital divide

Forget differences in race, income or ethnicity--virtually all American teens play video games. That's the verdict of a new study from the Pew Internet and American Life Project that renders the digital divide almost nonexistent when it comes to video games, including computer, console and mobile games.

In one of the first nationally representative studies of its kind, Pew's research also asked whether teens are being spoiled for community engagement and politics with video game play, something educators have feared as gaming's popularity has skyrocketed. The short answer: not anymore than they already were.

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name3737d ago

I've always noticed that the obvious benefits of online gameplay are ignored when video game debates come up. You're interacting with people from all over the world of different races, ages, genders etc to accomplish something. You hear a lot about races arguing in America, but when you're online you see them working together and joining clans together. THE GOOD KIND