Will There Be An Xbox 720?

Jim Rossignol writes: If there was one major disappointment of the past console cycle - that of the Xbox and PlayStation 2 - it was that it was over so quickly. If you a look at the games that were released in the PS2's final 18 months (if we look at a year before and six months after the PlayStation 3 turned up) it looks very much as if developers were just getting into their stride with Sony's machine. Likewise with the Xbox - that was barely given a chance to get good. If God of War 2 was such a leap forward from the original game, what could have similar studios done with another two years of development on the last generation platforms? Arguably, the latest two platforms, the PS3 and the Xbox 360, came about too quickly.

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Mr PS33737d ago

When it wont be as Good as the PS3 !!

Spread Butt Cheeks3737d ago

thats why the PS3 hasn't made a profit yet. hit the disagree button but it hasn't. Sony posted loses morons.

The 360 is still profitable despite a 1 BILLION dollar hit from RRoD.

You say the 360 is junk....junk thats spanking Sony on their own turf.

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The story is too old to be commented.