DRM Damns Will Wright's Creation, Everything

GotGame's Kit Blanke writes:

"You know you're damned to a life of nerd-dom when you're a kid and like watching Bill Nye the Science Guy way more than Full House or Saved by the Bell. (I can still hear that theme song, which is still cool, BTW.) Being a nerd, I'm also a gamer; and, ipso facto, I'm in love with Spore… wait. I lied. I'm not. It's because DRM is the worst thing that ever happened to the digital era."

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UltimateIdiot9113661d ago

I love that show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yeah, I think piracy is an excuse (not saying it isn't a problem) but it's real goal is second hand market. Developers loses more money in the second hand market.

Anyway, just in case anyone is interested, Bill Nye will be at University at Buffalo on April 22, 2009.