Wccftech's Best Action/Adventure Games of 2016 - The Most Popular Genre?

Selecting the best action/adventure games of 2016 wasn't that easy, as this year registered several great game releases. In fact, the action/adventure genre might be the most popular these days alongside roleplaying games.

Here's a selection from Wccftech staff.

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Chris_Wray591d ago

I was dissapointed with Dishonored 2, though that's due to me being a PC gamer and it's pretty abysmal launch. Game was great, but honestly, standout game for me in this list and genre was Hitman. The way it was released really worked, and I was skeptical as hell over it!

KaiPow591d ago ShowReplies(1)
Festano591d ago

Great to see Quantum Break included in a best of list for a change. That game was massively underrated!

Christopher591d ago

I have to disagree and say it was reviewed accurately for the most part. It had some good elements, but nothing stood out and even those good parts were hampered by poor design decisions throughout the game.

ccgr591d ago

Still have to play Watch Dogs 2, nice list!

Phil32591d ago

I need to get my butt in gear and play Dishonored 2, but I have so many other games to play. Though, I guess that's an awesome problem to have.

Christopher591d ago

Dishonored 2 goes above and beyond with more abilities to abuse and two mission areas that are extremely well designed. It surpasses the first in every way, which is a rarity in the last decade.

Nineball2112591d ago

I just made sure I had it on my Gamefly queue. LOL

ninsigma591d ago

"It surpasses the first in every way, which is a rarity in the last decade."

And no mean feat either considering the first (and its story DLC) is a fantastic experience as it is. They did a wonderful job with the the sequal. Only 2 games deserved a 9 this year IMO (that I've played) and this was one of them.

Christopher591d ago

@Nineball2112: My suggested playthrough route

1st time: play as Emily on normal with powers. She has new powers and it's fun to play the first time through with almost everything new rather than Corvo's old set of abilities.

2nd time: play as Corvo on NG+ on very hard with powers (in NG+ you get your runes from first gameplay refunded and you can buy abilities from both Emily and Corvo no matter who you play; doing this on anything but very hard is very easy to the extreme).

3rd time: only if you want to do a no-power run, play as either on very easy now that you know each of the mission areas. This will likely still be about as hard as the above since you will need money for upgrades and ammo other than pistols can be scarce. Make sure you use throwables in the environment, especially flammable, chloroform, and howling items.

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