GamePro: Crysis Warhead Review

GamePro writes: "Crysis Warhead takes place simultaneously with the original Crysis, recapping the events of what happened on the other side of the game's infamous island. You fill the cybernetic boots of everyone's favorite sociopathic Brit, Sergeant Sykes - AKA Psycho - and must battle your way through both a barrage of highly armed KPA radicals as well as a swarm of exosuit wielding aliens. And you thought your day job was tough".

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Charmers3739d ago

Eagerly awaiting this title. Already purchased it and just watiting for steam to unlock the flood gates so I can grab it. It's a bit dissappointing that the SP campaign is only 5 hours long, but then COD 4 suffered that and it is twice the price.

If you are a PC gamer and you have a decent PC and you don't buy this game then you really should be totally ashamed of yourself. I can understand people giving Crysis a miss (unoptimised tech demo) but ther really is no reason to give warhead a miss.

LeonSKennedy4Life3739d ago

Honestly, I played Crysis for the storyline. It was freakin' sweet! I rarely play the multi-player...because my connection sucks here. If I was living at home, it wouldn't be a problem. Here at