SNK Announces 2009 Release for KOFXII and Samurai Showdown on Home Consoles

"The year of the fighting game revival might have been 2008, but it looks to continue in 2009 with 3 releases from SNK Playmore and Ignition Entertainment.

It was recently announced that both King of Fighters XII and Samurai Showdown: Edge of Destiny will be available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. Both games will have online play available and will be priced at $59.99..."

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Drekken3595d ago

Hmmmm... tight! SS WAS THE SHIZZZZZZ

GiantEnemyCrab3595d ago

+1 for the article picture! Yum!

SmokingMonkey3595d ago

i love samurai showdown, i'm going to make the whole SAM SHO cast in LBP

tangerine3595d ago

2D FTW. What sf4 should have been.
I love you SNK, and yes I can do Geese Howard's raging volcano..can you?
(diagonal back down-fwd half cricle-diagonal fwd down+punch!!)
KOF rules, no noobs allowed.

LinuxGuru3595d ago

There needs to be a new release of Capcom vs SNK.

I miss that game.

Well actually I don't because I have Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2 on my Dreamcast emulator.


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