10 Xbox Franchises that Should be Revived

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "Xbox has actually collected some great franchises and unique IPs over the years, but really hasn’t done anything with a lot of them."

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PhoenixUp707d ago

It should be clear by now that Microsoft doesnt really care about Rare's classic IPs these days, outside of Killer Instinct of course.

The closest thing to a revival that Xbox franchise has gotten is the upcoming Voodoo Vince remaster

gamer7804707d ago

perfect dark has so much potential, shooters do well on the console plus adding one with a heroine but with some comedy would be awesome to see another perfect dark. It reminded me of the old PC Classic No one Lives Forever.

FreeSpeech69707d ago

Rare won't do it but Microsoft may allow another dev to work on it. I'm getting really tired of the "Halo, Forza, Gears" thing. Why not Perfect Dark and Project Gotham Racing every once in awhile.

BizarroUltraman707d ago

I definitely wouldn't mind that. A lil PDZ and some PGR. Bring it on..

BEASELY707d ago

Put 343 on Perfect Dark....

vikingland1707d ago

The list is a good list, sadly though it probably will not happen ever.

Derceto707d ago

Most of those are forgotten trash. No sense in reviving. Maybe Perfect Dark and Age of Empires still hold some sort of value.

Aloren707d ago

Really ? Well, I know i'd love to see a new viva pinata or Crimson Skies...

BecauseImBatman707d ago

We do need more variety from MS. I love to see the Kameo sequel that never was. If they rebooted that with the dark edgy tone. I think that would be another great platformed/action adventure game to bring back.

Perfect Dark instead of being a FPS should be rebooted into a third person stealth game. That would be cool. MS are just sitting on all these IPs. Use them.

game4funz707d ago (Edited 705d ago )

They should revive Kameo and give it to insomniac games. Theyre really good at platformers as is evident with ratchet, sunset and the future spiderman sweetness.

As far as Perfect Dark im not too sure another 3rd person is whats needed. There are way too many on the way. FPS besides the common canon fodder (COD, BF) really still has room for more games ala dishonored. Maybe a mix of first and 3rd person like in Perfect Dark zero and Deus Ex.

But it is true that MS doesnt have a 3rd person action adventure game the style of James Bond.

Im all for multiplatform. But how many multiplats has insomniac done?
Right now theyre working on Spiderman and thats not gonna be multiplat.

ChronoJoe707d ago

I think Insomniac would be better off making multiplatform games, Sunset Overdrive didn't do well, despite being a good game.

BecauseImBatman707d ago

Well I'm still holding out hope the Insomniac will at some point do a SSO sequel and I don't think their tone and style suits Kameo. But yeah I agree on Perfect Dark, they could do a mix. I was just thinking something like MGS but with a Cyberpunk setting could be cool and would definitely been a welcome addition to Xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.