Konami Not Making Guitar For 'Rock Revolution'

Tracey John of MTV Multiplayer writes: "Today Konami confirmed to MTV Multiplayer that there are no plans to make a guitar peripheral for its band game "Rock Revolution."

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Mr_Showtime13589d ago

I think Konami actually and trying to get the lowest sales in the music department this holiday season...

ShinMaster3589d ago (Edited 3589d ago )

It's U.S. release only and it's NOT made by Konami at all. It's only being published by Konami USA and developed by Zoe Mode(?).

Konami's Benami team were the ones who created the original GuitarFreaks and Drummania, which got the super-clones known as Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

Konami's games and peripherals were excellent. If only they made the game.