Blend Games: Top 5 Games That Need Hype

Blend Games writes: "When don't you hear about Star Wars: Force Unleashed, Gran Turismo 5, Fallout 3, KillZone 2 or BioShock for the PS3? Well, you never stop hearing or reading about those games. They are pretty much everywhere. But on the flip-side, there's a lot of games that just seem to fly completely under the much so, that you may have even forgotten that they exist. No worries, Blend Games is on duty to ensure that gamers who want to be informed about the under-hyped games will at least know where to look. So without further delay, you can check out our five picks that are flying low on the hype-radar."

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Rick Astley3448d ago

Fracture and Legendary are on the list? LMAO

Xi3447d ago

Specially since neither needs more hype.

Panthers3447d ago

Socom never gets the hype it deserves.

yog-sothot3447d ago

that's exactly what I was going to write, pal ;-)

AAACE53447d ago

The only one I could say is maybe Legendary! The other games look OK, but just aren't games I want to play!

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Bazookajoe_833447d ago

Borderland in my oppinion looks like an awesome game and needs more hype. Motorstorm has pretty good hype and the socom fans do hype confrontation on the net really good. As for fracture and legend i just dont think they have what it takes, maybe if they would throw in some coop in them.

kyleg3447d ago

Legendary need some of that hype and Socom is hella good and needs more hype.

Cajun Chicken3447d ago

Legendary and possibly Fracture, I think Fracture might have the strangest online competitive gameplay, ever.
Legendary is looking more and more like an epic Serious Sam/Painkiller 'One man army' game every time I hear about it.

I don't know enough of Borderlands, but the amazing combination of weapons sounds great, but I'm not filled in enough gameplay or design wise.

IzKyD13313447d ago

Legendary isn't receiving hype because the developers of it sucks
And SOCOM should probably take up the entire list, absolutely no one is talking about it except the hardcore players.....
Sony should release an ad in October that advertises LBP, SOCOM, Motorstorm and Bioshock

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