Breath of the Wild Reported to be Ready for Switch Launch

“Contrary to my past report on BOTW release date it is 100% coming at Switch launch in North America in March. Have seen finalised materials.” Find the full report on WWG.

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PixelGateUk715d ago

oh, her...the one that threw a strop because she was black listed by Nintendo so she tried to blackmail them into sending her review copies or she'd leak Switch info. Classy

deafdani715d ago

Nah, that didn't happen.

PixelGateUk715d ago

apart from it did, and it was done on twitter no less

wonderfulmonkeyman715d ago

Not much of a threat when everyone else will just leak things regardless of what she does, is it?XD

GrimReaperGamer715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

I absolutely hate self entitled millennials like her, he, it (whatever the person is).

In other news, I hope this rumor is true as I can't wait to play Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Tapani715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

20s is the new teens, and 30s is the new 20s. Many people in their 20s are extremely polite, smart and hardworking, though. Particularly in developing countries.

But corporate information that could affect billions of yen worth Nintendo's business and stock price Vs. Review copy. Not mature.

game4funz715d ago

Don't succumb to their nonsense. Gender is an opinion. So refer to them as their sex which is he or she.
He referring to male and She referring to female. Sex is not an opinion it is a biological fact based on science and not bullshit opinions.

She definitely feels entitled.

I also do hope the rumor is true.

deafdani715d ago (Edited 715d ago )

She was blacklisted by Nintendo after the leaks, dude. Not before.

And her reaction to the blacklist was pretty much "lol", and she kept leaking stuff anyway.

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deadfrag715d ago

Hot cakes selling in 17 of march !Bundle pls!

Kurdishcurse715d ago

if it truly is bundled, then heck yh day one

deafdani715d ago

To clarify: Laura says it will be ready for Switch's launch in NA, but she has no idea if it will launch on time for Europe and Japan. She's heard many conflicting reports, so the only thing she's reporting herself is the March release date for NA.

Tapani715d ago

It's not going to be a March launch for Switch, it is way too soon. Just won't happen.

deafdani715d ago

This game's been in development since around 2011 or 2012. That's 4 or 5 years, give or take. It's not "too soon".

TheUndertaker85714d ago

@deafdani: It's been in development for that long but not specifically for Switch. Breath of the Wild was originally designed for Wii U exclusively.

EddieNX 715d ago

Tapani too soon? we've been waiting forever for Zelda and the Switch I'd say both of them are slightly late if anything. I can't wait to play them both

Neonridr715d ago

would be strange for it not to be ready for a Japan launch. Isn't the game usually done in Japanese and then localized to English afterwards?

deafdani715d ago

Yeah, exactly what I'm thinking. Laura, however, isn't stating matter of factly that it will be delayed on other regions, as far as I know. She doesn't know. She's only confirming that she knows for a fact that it's launching in NA in time for the Switch's launch, at the very least.

Either way, it's a rather weird and seemingly conflicting report, that much is true.

Moonman715d ago

I'm ready and wild.._lol

MasterCornholio715d ago

You could say that you were born to be wild.


game4funz715d ago

Well...we used to a species.

MetroidFREAK21715d ago

I got $500 for Christmas... I will be using that money to preorder this machine and several games... This game included. I hope this rumor is right!

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