Death of a Game: Star Wars Galaxies

How and why Star Wars Galaxies died.

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EddieNX 383d ago

My brother sold his Jedi character for a silly amount of money, think it was close to a £100 Before they ruined the game, it was by far the greatest MMORPG ever made

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Defiantmac383d ago

Definitely not the greatest MMORPG ever made, not even close to be honest.

It was a lot of fun but it was a complete and buggy mess over a year after launch. The New Game Experience completely wrecked any amount of fun that was involved in the game. I really miss the original version of the game, it was a really quirky game but a great experience.

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tulholdren383d ago

Me and friends had fun with it.

Perjoss383d ago

Its not anything like SWG but we have a decent star wars mmo on the market, what we really need now is a new single player star wars rpg, a new KotOR would go down really well if it was created by the right team.

Rachel_Alucard383d ago

I hope you realize TOR is just Kotor 3 according to EA

Perjoss383d ago

Yes but 'according to EA' and actually reality are 2 different things.

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