Fable 2 Pub Games glitch was intentional

Eurogamer writes: "Peter Molyneux has claimed that the Fable 2 Pub Games glitch, which allowed bets to be increased ten-fold by some timely button pressing, was absolutely intentional.

And those who cheated, will have a surprise waiting for them in Fable 2. The crafty old blighter.

The Fable 2 Pub Games are rubbish, but allow players to accrue gold that can be transferred into Fable 2 when the game launches on 24th October."

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Milky Joe3743d ago

but if it's meant to be a secret then keep it a damn secret.

Not really going to be much of a surprise for those that did this now, is it?

MiloGarret3743d ago

Not everyone comes to these kind of sites...

Ivix3743d ago

I'm going to go ahead and call this damage control.

Adamalicious3743d ago

I suppose it's possible - I mean if it's a bug it's a pretty bad one, and they haven't made any attempt to patch it. Maybe it's just damage control and something will happen to you when you start the game, but it seems pretty weird to include such a potentially game-breaking "glitch". They had better have something clever up their sleeve to balance it out.

Voozi3743d ago

*takes note*

Ok well I'll use the profile I used the "glitch" on on my evil character then lol

Problem solved

kevanio093743d ago

Brilliant actually, giving cheaters the opportunity to cheat if they wish and making it have consequences on the game. Brilliant.

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