Looking Back At One Of The Vita's Best Games

The Playstation Vita was never know for having a rich library of first party exclusives. Sony’s neat handheld had all the tools to go onto great things, but it never quite reached it’s potential. During the early days, Sony were happy to try and bring big name franchises to the Vita.

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PixelGateUk688d ago

I still crack this on every so often. The story is a bit pish but the gameplay is awesome

Sharingan_no_Kakashi687d ago

I still charge up the vita to play Shinobido 2. Launch title still my fave vita game.

Fist4achin687d ago

Killzone Mercenary was badass. Vita dead my foot, I'm rocking Grand Kingdom right now!

Bnet343687d ago

I am such a huge Ninja Gaiden fan that I bought a Vita just to play Sigma PLUS. Definitely my favorite and best Vita game :)

megamn606687d ago

I love my PS Vita, I recently got my sweet red one that I imported and its so gorgeous @[email protected]

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