Developers From Naughty Dog, id, Square Enix, And More Share Their Top Games Of 2016

This may come as a surprise, but the people who make video games? They play and like them as much as us regular ol' non-developers.

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Jiggy7d624d ago

Hmm, need to put Inside on my wishlist......many developers seem to love the game.

NewMonday624d ago

great game with a great narrative, best Indy of 2016

Sirk7x624d ago

One of the best games of 2016 period I'd say, regardless of Indy status.

NukaCola624d ago

I bought Inside and The Witness both on sale on PSN. Playthrough the witness and Platinum'd it and loved it. I am now 1/3 through Inside and love that too.. every area is fresh and unique and this has the best depth and environmental creativity of any side-scrolling game ever. I would love them to make a metroidvania game in the future. Inside is Limbo 2.0 and after two great 2.5D Puzzle Platformers, Playdead is definitely capable to go AAA.

maybelovehate624d ago

Game of the Year in my opinion. You won't regret it.

thorstein624d ago

Now I have another list of games to grab! Oh 2016, the one thing that didn't disappoint is the plethora of amazing games!

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DarXter624d ago

Cool stuff, nice to see how different developers think and appreciate games.

I guess I also need to ut Inside on my to-play list

Septic624d ago

Lots of votes for Overwatch. Well deserved. Excellent title

Max-Zorin624d ago

Why are you getting disagrees for such a simple opinion? Your disagrees must be number of PS fans, that wish it was you instead of Paul Walker.

Septic622d ago

Lmao. Yup exactly. Their pettiness knows no bounds.

620d ago
sadsatan624d ago

inside was so much fun. i love the submarine levels.

cfc83624d ago

I got Firewatch yesterday, and finished it. I like it. It was interesting, and well thought out.

Yetter624d ago

I like it, but I don't think it stuck the landing. So much suspense and then the end just underwhelmed

cfc83623d ago

I thought the ending was fine. It also fitted in with theme of isolation and escapism. I also think the ending alligned itself better to the story than any alternative could have.

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