GamesRadar: How modern gaming has made us into wimpy gamers

GamesRadar writes:

"Once, we were a proud warrior people, adept in every skill, discipline and combat technique required to earn mastery over our every digital domain. We were a pantheon of noble thumb-ninjas, our legendary victories and kill-counts matched in number only by the calluses on our digits; calluses we wore as badges of honour through the eternal, bloody war against AI and our fellow man. But through its ever more sophisticated design and an unerring need to be accessible to all, modern gaming has done us a disservice.

Not only are our skills being neutered, it's being done in a way which makes us think we're still at the top of our game. It's exactly like The Matrix. Exactly like The Matrix. Yes, a no-thumbed bonobo monkey can now feel a simulation of the sense of achievement we've enjoyed since the '80s, but just remember, as The Incredibles told us, when everyone's super, no-one will be. Don't believe the full extent to which we've been emasculated?"

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4cough3473d ago

FACTIOD for you....... Shovelware was invented on PS2 and PS3 continues this trend of crappy easy games.

El_Colombiano3473d ago

Haha and your telling me you had a hard time playing Halo 3's "Legendary" level? Please, I played it co-op with my 5 year old cousin. He barely died.

Extra Guy3471d ago

The funny thing is that they have lowered the pass marks in exams, and as a result everybody does get A's (or A*'s in GCSE).