XBOX 360 gets Sirius on PS3

Just when you think Microsoft has pulled every trick out the book in atempts to win the Console Wars this quarter, it seems like Microsoft may have a couple of trick plays in there playbook. Read on after the jump

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SwiffEpics3660d ago

I agree, I would love to see sirius on 360. Great stuff mate!

Hububla3660d ago

how many people would pay extra for this?? not many since most of the 360's fanbase is kids and teenagers... what i really want to know is how come Sony doesnt use the satelite radio they have on their PSP and put it on the PS3 only makes sense right?

gaffyh3660d ago

This was one of those rumours that came from VGChartz (the one about 12 new titles to be announced September 25). So hopefully if this is true then those rumours are true. Although I don't care too much about Sirius.

solidsnakus3660d ago

sorry but x360s fanbase is mostly 16 and above. ps3 is the one with the teenagers. you clearly havent played on live if you dont know this.

Hububla3660d ago

parents dont really rush out and buy PS3 for their kids cuz its expencive but most kids i know own a 360 not a PS3 while most people i know that are my age 21 own a ps3... but that is just in my city so i dont know really what its like everywhere.. but there are countless stories on the internet of obscene racist anoying little punks that are on x-box live you dont really hear about it that much with PSN

radio0o3660d ago

actually they did a study and xbox has the youngest crowd. this is also apparent by going on xbox live where you will be greeted with hiphop music and children yelling insults. ps3 has the most adults.

KingME3660d ago

If using nothing else but price it would lend to the fact that the PS3 has a younger fanbase. It's usually the younger generation that whines about paying 50 bucks (not all) for live. This is because they simply can't afford it. While older people can see it for what it is. "A drop in the bucket."

Anyway, my vote goes to the PS3 having the younger fanbase.

Real Gambler3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

I think it was during the E3, but it could be older. You need to have a Sirius account and a Live account. That's serious money just to listen to radio. It's a great news for people who already have both account, but I don't think people with Live account will want to pay more yearly money to get Sirius. And I don't think that people with Sirius account will buy a 360 and want to pay $50 a year to listen to some music (with noise coming out of the fan) when you can buy a $29 gizmo and connect it to your sound system, and listen to it, background noise free.

So overall, it's a great news for the 27 people who are already paying both accounts. Otherwise, this is not the type of thing that will generate sales.

solidsnakus3660d ago

exactly my though. why do you think every multiplat game sells more on 360? because 360 owners have expendible incomes. in other words, people that have jobs. and yes i do have a ps3 but i have no idea how old the poople are on there because nobody ever has mics.

although lol, on XBL you can always tell if theres a little kid playing IF they have XXx example xXX around their gamertags or if they have example69 . it always is like that, all people with 69 and a ton of X in their gamertag are always kids.

San anto3660d ago

@1.8 the bratty teenagers get their push over parents to buy them games clearly.

Oner3660d ago

You still need to pay for Sirius and I can already do this with BOTH XM & Sirus already....tutorial below from the PS forums but it should work for the 360 as well.

"How to get Sirius Satellite radio and XM streaming perfectly on the Playstation 3.

First let's start with the list of what you'll need to do this.

1. Tversity or later
2. Usirius or UXM
(A special thanks to http://www.millardsoftware.... for putting together these two great applications, for without these applications this would not be possible)
(Also I'd download and archive these programs now since this site has not been updated for 5 months, no telling when they'll just disappear)
3. A dedicated computer server to run Tversity Any Vista or XP machine will do
4. An active Sirius or XM online account
5. Sony Playstation 3 update 1.80 or later

Now how to get all these stuff up and running

First you want to install Tversity, instructions on how to get this program operational are all over this message board and detailed instructions can be found at Tversity. One setting you DO want to change specifically for Sirius and XM is located under SETTINGS > INTERNET FEEDS > under FEED MANAGER, make sure you change the number of items to show per feed to either infinite or something more than 150. If not, you will only see the first 10 XM or Sirius channels and not all of them (this part frustrated me for hours and little did I know it was a simple setting in TVersity)

Vista users: I was surprised to find out that you DO NOT need turn off your already existing WMP media server, Vista can run multiple media servers and the PS3 will have no problem picking up either one, simultaneously. I'm not sure if this is the case for XP.

Secondly, install Usirius or UXM and enter your login/password information.
Now click START to start the USirius or UXM server.
Click URLS and then click FEEDS make sure the pull down tab says ALL CATEGORIES and then copy that URL to the clipboard (it will look something like this http;// ds/lineup.xml?bandwidth=high&am p;r=1186072387)

Next, go back to Tversity and click the green plus arrow to add a PODCAST/RSS FEED.
Paste the URL you copied from Usirius or UXM in the AUDIO FEED field. Under title type SIRIUS or XM. Click submit and save your settings.

Now just go to your Ps3 and open your TVersity media servers, under internet audio you should see your Sirius or XM channels! It may take a few seconds for the audio to get going after you open whatever channel you want to play. Plus with TVersity you can pause, ff and rw your satellite radio on your PS3!!

GiantEnemyCrab3660d ago

Oner: The 360 has been able to play it for awhile as well but what makes this unique is that you can use them as custom soundtracks while playing games. I don't believe either system allows for that right now.

(if this rumor is true)

Genesis53660d ago

People still listen to the radio at home? I might listen to it in the car but that's about it. I can pull in tons of stations on my PC. But why? I would rather just download music that I know I like.

Isaac3660d ago

He thinks Xbox 360 owners buy more games because they're older. Does that make you sound like you have a bigger wang, solidsnakus? What the hell does "expendible" mean, or do you mean disposable? Yeah, for someone the age you are prettending, you surely write like a junior high dropout.

Anyway, the only reasonable explanation for Xbox 360 having such a high attach ratio in comparison to PS3 is that PS3 costs more and can play other formats aside of its own games (PS2 still has many good games worth playing, PSOne games are also vast to be ignored, Blu-ray looks awesome), has been less time on the market, achievements drive sales of games, and Xbox fanboys were evidently starved of games after the first Xbox had either sh1tty exclusive games, and the good ones were available on PC. Which is why they'll buy anything that comes out on 360.

Kind of hypocritical though, considering Mart and his henchmen love to sing the "AAA GAMES = 9.0 METACRITIC LOL" chorus. I guess they only do it because they know PlayStation owners are used to playing quality games; what they don't know is that true gamers don't care about a number if they really want to play a game. Maybe when they grow up they'll realize...

Oner3660d ago

Crab that was inherently understood. I am just pointing out that if you really wanted to have access to Sirius or XM on your console that it is available. I personally don't think it is that big of a deal if the only real added benefit is to have access to it when in game. But I can understand it is a nice feature.

Spydiggity3660d ago

if sirius works in game, that's gonna be pretty cool. obviously you have to pay for sirius, but then you have it online and, if you have the setup, in the car. not a bad little feature. not sure why you'd try to knock them for adding extra features....unless you're a noob fanboy who's incapable of admitting his anti-system has some good ideas.

Sheikh Yerbouti3660d ago

...but I already have it through my cable. With Netflix and now Sirius, Microsoft are providing services that have already have viable alternatives.

These aren't system sellers. They barely sweeten deal IMHO.

robbo9183660d ago

The attach rate on most multiplat games FAVORS the PS3! The fact that X360 sells more on multiplats is because it currently has a little over 5 million more hardware units sold (due to being out a year earlier). The fact that it doesn't sell a large amount more despite having 5 million more hardware units...its pretty simple math actually, too bad you couldn't figure that out.

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Fishy Fingers3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Sirius is a cool feature, wouldnt use it much but I know some people will.

Classic FM and COD4 FTW ;) (actually that could work, Apocalypse Now stylie)

"Read on after the jump" is in the actual story? What jump? I'm already on your page. Was this written for the purpose of submitting here? (image ripped from Ars? Remove their watermark at least)

Stryfeno23660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Let the holiday massacre commence.

TheOtherGuy3660d ago


Zerodin,is that yoooooooooooooooooooooooou?

theKiller3660d ago

no, its PP and GOTY 2007 and ziodildo

on topic:
hahahahahahaha...breathing... ahahahahahaha
ok this guy who wrote the article is a bot and he cant hide it, i heard this before when halo 3 was launched, they said ps3 is finished and 360 had put the final nail in the ps3 coffin and ps3 out sold it that year with almost twice the price of the 360!!

he didnt mention that ps3 exclusives r mega hit games and 360 exclusives r average games!!! also he didnt mention an AAA game for ps3, that is WipeOut HD!! and also HOME public beta will be released this year!

AngryTypingGuy3660d ago

Awesome! Since Sirius and XM have merged, does this mean I'll be able to listen to Opie and Anthony on my Xbox? This rules!

Pain3659d ago (Edited 3659d ago )

woopy F&%$*#g do...

i can Surf for PORn with PS3 can your Xbox 2 do that?

dukadork3659d ago

hey [email protected]: have you heard about internet radio?
wake up retard morons, slap slap slap! lol

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InfiniteUnfloppery3660d ago

"rumors are already circulating about the mysterious Xbox event September 25th, with the possible announcement of a free Halo 3 map pack, preview of GTA IV DLC and the partnership with Sirius XM satelite radio. Rumor has it, you will be able to stream Sirius radio on your Xbox without any other hardware, while playing games. If this rumor is actually true,"

hahaha,Xbots Surviving on Rumors

TheOtherGuy3660d ago

XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

bosels113660d ago

xbox [email protected] make me laugh - WHO CARES but little kids, to be honest, when I am playing a game, I am rarely paying attention to the music. MS is just like Bose - horrible crap through great marketing to suck all the blind losers in

lawman11083659d ago

According to data provided by Famitsu publisher Enterbrain, the Xbox 360 has outsold the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii in Japan for the week ending September 14. At a pre-TGS event Microsoft announced the price of the Xbox 360 would be reduced in Japan on September 11, coupled with the release of the Square-Enix exclusive RPG Infinite Undiscovery, the Xbox 360 has landed on the top of the console charts. The sales breakdown from Enterbrain looks like this:
Xbox 360: 28,681 units
Wii: 27,057 units
PlayStation 3: 8,050 units

InfiniteUnfloppery3660d ago

Let us take this time to Reflect on a few things

Stryfeno23660d ago

Are you lost droid? It seems all of your droid entourage has left because of this good news... LMAO at this pathetic little troll trying to find his way home.