Nintendo's October conference stage for DS2?

The DS first launched on November 21, 2004. That makes this novemeber the DS's fourth birthday. The Gameboy advance first launched on March 21, 2001. This places four years beetween the launch of the GBA and the launch of the DS. The Gameboy color launched October 21, 1998, which places 3 years between the Gameboy color and the Gameboy advance. The DS has few games planned for 2009, and Nintendo holding a conference a month before its foruth birthday all point in one direction...

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princejb1343472d ago

even though im not a nintendo fan
thats some sexy ass looking ds

AAACE53472d ago

If they do announce a new DS, I hope it has something more to it than just bigger screens. I would like for it to have graphical power like that of the gamecube. I would like it to play movies or some other form of entertainment. And I would like for the controls to be changed up, cause the touch screen is cool and all, but some games are more complicated to play bacause of the setup.

The one thing I like about the way nintendo does things is that their handhelds are basically their old system. Yes the DS is a N64 with touch screen instead of analog sticks. Sony just made smaller versions of their console. The Psp is cool but it's a slightly downgraded version of the Ps2.

Allowen3471d ago

A new portable vg device from Nintendo must have a good browser !!
jesus Crist, would be so uber if we could check our e-mails and type stuff at N4G site using such new browser.
Right now both DS and PSP browsers sucks sooooo much, omfg I hate this useless browser from my PSP.When I bought it was working ok,slowly but ok but after some FW updates....ohh well.

Nintendo rules, I am sure they will make some thing very good .Actually I have been having more fun playing my Wii/DS then my PS3/PSP.

What ever you do Nintendo, please make the new DS compatible with the cartdridges from the current DS.