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2016 saw its fair share of gaming news. But amidst all that, which games defined 2016? Which one stood out in the horde of releases? Here is a look at a few of them.

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BizarroUltraman632d ago

So many great games and most deserve game of the year considerations.

632d ago
Trekster_Gamer631d ago

For me (and personal choice is all that matters for everyone)

Battlefield 1
Quantum Break

guyman631d ago

Besides battlefield 1, the rest are average at best

TheOptimist631d ago

He did say personal choice. Maybe he plays very selective games an if so, COD and Quantum Break are decent games. If you play many games in a year or have played many games in the past, then yeah COD and QB are not that great games. Anyways, it's all about personal choice.

Dragonscale631d ago

For me

Dark Souls 3
Xcom 2

TheOptimist631d ago

XCOM 2 is awesome from what I have heard. Just that strategy is not my genre. I find it interesting, but every time I fail in a collosal way to even complete the simplest of missions lmao

Dragonscale630d ago

It is awesome and does kick ur ass, but apart from long load times and its a bit buggy on PS4, its like nothing else on console really.

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