Kotaku Impressions: Guitar Hero: World Tour Owes Me

Kotaku writes:

"My impressions of Rock Band Guitar Hero: World Tour are colored by all the shit I had to go through to even get near the game.

It started with a broken BART train. This led to a cab, which I had no money to pay for. The next shit storm occurred when my flight was cancelled. And then, the later flight I got bumped to was delayed by an hour and half. Oh, but it gets better. I get to the hotel with a mere 40 minutes to go before the event starts and the room I'm given is being remodeled.

*Cue AJ's head exploding*

So, yeah. After all that, Guitar Hero: World Tour fucking owed me a good time."

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Jamegohanssj53472d ago

Can't wait to add my MIDI files.