BigDownload: From Spore to Space: Being the East India Company

You may choose to annihilate all of your fellow races in Spore, but the alternative is far more sinister than outright genocide. Big Download is referring to the trading mechanics of Space mode, which reflects the Elite-like premise of the mode, just with less depth. However, any dedicated trader can easily accomplish what a gun or tongue oriented player can just by using the power of the almighty Sporebuck!

If there was an apt way to describe the dedicated trader in Spore, the East India Company which dominated a good portion of the British Colonies would be that way. Utilizing money and influence to grease the way for ever expanding profits, they could almost be considered the first modern corporation. Their influence on popular culture has been seen in everything from portrayal of corporations in cyberpunk or their own portrayal in the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy. So how exactly is this accurate?

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