Arkane's Harvey Smith praises Carrie Fisher for her small role in 2012 Dishonored game.

Fisher lent her voice in the ‘Return to the Tower’ mission of that game.

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mastershredder632d ago (Edited 632d ago )

Knock this crap off. A single line read for a random sound byte was "working with her" ha ha. Geez. Her time recording at the studio was done in less than an hour and somehow it's a working relationship.

BizarroUltraman632d ago

So what, Show some damn respect! You dont know how much time they spent with her prior to the recording for the game.

Also cool that shes gonnanhave her own place in Elite Dangerous. That is awesome tribute!

guyman631d ago

You're a disrespectful idiot

632d ago
Jon_Targaryen631d ago

Everybody is riding the Carrie Fisher gravy train now.

mogwaii631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

So exactly how is remembering her making them money?

Jon_Targaryen631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

Cut the BS junior. Nobody is remembering her, they are "2pac-ing her". Meaning she more worth dead than what she was alive. People are making revenue off her by clicks, ads and all kinds of other BS. Whats the bet when you click on the article how many pop up or ads does that site have, dont be so naive.

-Foxtrot631d ago

I don't see why they never got her for a full on role within the game or it's sequel. Wouldn't it have been good if the announcer part she did was a character in the sequel who helped you.

I mean I doubt it's a money problem with the cast it has in the first and second game.