Quantum Break Developer Won't Take 5 Years to Release Next Game; Focusing on Better Game Mechanics

Today Remedy Entertainment Head of Communications Thomas Puha provided a bit more color on the upcoming two games in the development at the studio, one of which is code named "P7" simply because it's the seventh project the studio is working on.

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Jon_Targaryen715d ago

Bought QB pre owned for like $20. No way am I going to pay full price for this baby.

andrewsquall714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

Bought it brand new sealed for a friend for €20 for Christmas. Smyths here in Ireland still has it for that price a month later. The benefit of that is my friend was able to get the code with it for Alan Wake for his Xbone too.
I think you got ripped off regardless lol.

DigitalRaptor715d ago (Edited 713d ago )

Yep. I absolutely said this before and after QB came out. I pointed out the janky animations or lack thereof and that their modern shooter didn't even have a reload animation. I said they needed to stop wasting resources on those stupid live-action cutscenes and hire a better game designer instead.

I was hoping that they could take lessons learned and put it towards making Alan Wake 2 an amazing game, but it looks like they're going down the multiplayer route, which is a deep shame.

LMFAO @ Septic being all frivolous.
You could've probably picked a more meaningful response than that. If anything, they need to send some of their best to be understudies at Naughty Dog or just hire people from that studio.

Septic714d ago

Looks like they should hire you to teach them a few things.

candystop714d ago

I wish they would hire me as there quality control guy. Sure it might take ten years for a game to come out but I'm going to them to start over everytime I see the vision slipping. What gets me is why nobody had the balls to step up and say something. Very reminiscent to scenarios like when your zipper is down and nobody says nothing or when something is in your nose and nobody bothers to let you know or heck even when you're being cheated on and nobody tells you. Grow some balls people. Smh

BizarroUltraman714d ago

It's not a deep shame? Alot of games that started out as just single player, now have multi-player or online components.

Xb1ps4714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

Remedy is like valve... no matter how many times we tell them what we would like they just don't listen at all...

How many times do we have to say aw2 just to get something completely different and now they want to tackle online.... they are too busy jumping around all over the place instead of focusing on what they do best and make it better... then jump into the next endeavor and work on that..

Lon3wolf714d ago

A better engine than QB's too please.

andrewsquall714d ago

The engine was fine, there were just massive compromises that had to be made when Xbone is your targeted main system. Here is a good list of them in this article.

Lon3wolf714d ago

I'm not talking about the tech they put it in it but the blurry mess it is. If was a clean image they presented via that engine it would of been wonderful.

brich233711d ago

Ran like shit on PC so engine was obviously not fine.

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