Konami Unveils Blockbuster Line-up for Fall and Holiday 2008

Konami has unveiled new details of its blockbuster product lineup from the company's 2008 Holiday Press Event in Manhattan, New York. A variety of high-profile titles for all major platforms, including the PLAYSTATION 3 system, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Wii, PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, and Nintendo DS, are being showcased at this year's event. Featured products being shown span across all genres targeted towards players of all age groups and skill levels. Konami continues to expand upon its leadership position in the music games category while bringing its celebrated franchises and original titles to next generation and handheld systems.

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TheColbertinator3591d ago

Amazing.Metal Gear Solid 4,PES,Silent Hill:Homecoming,Rock Revolution,Castlevania Judgement,and Order of Eclessia makes this a tremendously sucessful year for Konami.


Nothing on this list is any good

Kyur4ThePain3591d ago

If you add "to me" to the end of your statement, it wouldn't sound so stupid (to me).

Yuprules3591d ago

BUKKAKALYPSE, what about Castlevania Judgement? The Soccer? Not your cup of tea huh?


Sorry I forgot to type IMO..but really?? you guys thinks these titles are good?

TheColbertinator3591d ago


Order of Eclessia is hardcore classic gaming gold,my friend.I dont think konami would be here today without Castlevania.

Seraphim3591d ago

How is this a Blockbuster lineup again?

sumfood4u3591d ago

I was sorta hoping for Suikoden but this is still great news!

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PS360WII3591d ago

Looking good I'll be playing a few of those titles :)

Homicide3591d ago

I'll rent Silent Hill Homecoming, but that's about it I guess.

Yuprules3591d ago

Not a DDR fan Homicide? :)

Bishop3591d ago

is Suikoden VI. I was at a convention last summer and Konami reps where asking what games I would like to see brought back and many people said games like Track and Field, I asked for Vandal Hearts and the reps didn't even know what the game was yet they told me Suikoden VI was being made would 100+ hrs on story alone and that the rest couldn't be said but a year later and their still isn't any info.

Where is Suikoden VI Konami?

The list is okay but it could be better.

StephanieBBB3591d ago

It doesn't even have to have breathtaking graphics, Tales of vesperia graphics would do more than fine. But as developers see that there is less profit in doing high end console games than wii/hand held games it's not a shocker that we won't see something like that for a couple of years.

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