GameZone: Dead Space Preview

Last time GameZone saw Dead Space was at the E3 event held in LA last July. The game was shaping up quite nicely, offering a deep sense atmosphere and great survival horror gameplay. Now, they have gotten a chance to check out a more updated build of the game, and the game's progress is looking great. If all proceeds, Dead Space will be the title for survival horror fans to check out this fall.

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Hellsvacancy3622d ago (Edited 3622d ago )

Although im not a big fan of Ea (infact i hate them) i rent all games labeled Ea but after playing Battlefield Bad Company which looked and played just as good as the early previews i saw i think im goin to give Ea a small second chance,

Dead Space looks fantastic, like ive said b4 "i love the whole Event Horizon meets John Carpenter The Thing theme"

And i also couldnt give a rats arse wot other people think im goin to give this a try

EDIT. im even happier knowing the Ps3 is the lead platform

AngryHippo3622d ago

please site your source. Anyway this title is definately a must have this holiday. It looks fantastic, and from what i have seen of it being played, the gameplay looks pretty damn creepy with plenty of jump-out-of-your-seat moments.

My faith is starting to be restored in EA. Props to them.