Peter Molyneux Believes 'Fable II' Solves The 'Han Solo Problem'

MTV Multiplayer's Patrick Klepek writes:

"If you're like me, you play morality-filled games as a generally good person the first time around. The second time, you experiment being the bad guy.

Stephen Totilo asked "Fallout 3? producer Todd Howard if he'd solved what Totilo called the "Han Solo Problem," where it's seldom as fun to play as a mix of nice guy and bad guy, since games tend to only reward only extreme behavior.

Howard claimed "Fallout 3? hadn't completely solved it, but "Fable II" designer Peter Molyneux told me last week it will be fun to play as a character with mixed morality in "Fable II" because it's difficult to be truly good or evil.

His team may have solved the "Han Solo problem."

"With Han Solo, how good is good? Can you get as good as Luke Skywalker? Even he wasn't truly good."

Molyneux explained one way he prevents players from so easily being swayed to being perfectly good when they play the game is through sacrifice."

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himdeel3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

...of the first three hours from IGN it sounds like you'll an all good or all bad path from the start and the world adjust accordingly around the decisions you make. However it also sounds like your decisions after choosing a path shifts your inclination further towards and away from your initial disposition but you can never switch all the way back to being good from bad and vice versa.

Well at least that's what I understood from the preview.

bouncybullet3654d ago

Wrong. Mtv blows.
The beginning (childhood) choices are more 'black and white' compared to the rest of the game.
But still not as black and white as Fable 1 choices.
There are 10 other previews that got posted yesterday that go into much better detail than this article.

Mtv needs to mind its own business.

IzKyD13313654d ago

Molyneux is starting to act like dennis dyack, he really has to stop calling this game the second coming because he said fable 1 would be the greatest rpg ever.....and in reality it wasn't even half-way there

shutupandplay3654d ago

He told a couple of features and a couple examples. Going by your logic, LBP is going to be let-down of the year because not only have you seen 90% of the game, but, all you sony droids do is hype it up. You are setting yourselves up for disappointment.

bouncybullet3654d ago

Where have you seen him saying Fable 2 was the second coming?
He hasn't said anything different than any other dev.

He talks about the features in the game.
He hasn't boasted about them whatsoever.

Whatever F*ck off.
This game will be better than anything else releasing this season. (exclusively)

KiddyBrownTurd3654d ago

I'm the same way.

he's a great man and a great game designer.

poor jealous droids.

cemelc3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

""If you're like me, you play morality-filled games as a generally good person the first time around. The second time, you experiment being the bad guy."

Not really i ended knight of the old republic being the bad guy first, aside all those games always have a crucial moment at the end when you redeem yourself or not is stupid, in Kotor i killed half of the character and i still was the good guy, but i killed bastila and you're evil incarnated.

In fable one was just same i killed an entire town and i still was the good guy,, but i killed a girl at the end and i was evil(how come???)

shutupandplay3654d ago

I love how much of this game I DON`T know about. It`s going to make the experience that much greater not knowing what`s about to happen.

kingme713654d ago

I find it hard in games to make a morality choice based on ideals or whatever makes you decide to be good or bad personally. What I'm always thinking is how is the game going to react to my decision. If I'm bad does it punish me? If I'm good does it open up new areas or quests to me?

I don't know if games are advanced enough to let you free yourself from thinking about the underlying mechanics of how your decisions affect the game itself and not just your own personal character.

I'll be happy to find a game that is truly a different experience based on your decisions. Not a good or bad one, but just a different game altogether based on how you played it. 500 different endings in Fallout 3 isn't really the same thing. What I'd like to see is a game that if I'm bad, townspeople run from me. Notices are out to capture me dead or alive, that sort of thing. If I'm good, women swoon when I approach (just like in real life :) )

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