Warhammer Online Ships 1.5 Million Copies

Mythic Entertainment has announced they have shipped over 1.5 million copies of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to fuel preorders for global release on Thursday. The game smashes the record for any PC game released by EA.

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Xiru3655d ago

I'm currently playing in the CE head start and I must say this game is great. How many copies did Age of Conan sell on release? If you are even slightly interested in MMO's, I highly recommend Warhammer. Come join me on Dark Crag as destruction!

TheIneffableBob3654d ago

Not sure how they sold on release, but Funcom shipped 700,000 copies to stores on release.

Pain3655d ago

1.5 Million Games work Shop fans not playing the IP Rip off and playing the real deal is nice.

Cant wait !!!

iceice1233655d ago

Bad it is going to crash and burn like AoC. WoW is king, it MADE MMOs. Nothing will take down WoW except another Blizzard MMO.

WoW= definitive MMO experience.

Xiru3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Icewake... Wow will still be king because there are like 5 million chinese farmer accounts. Warhammer could be to WoW what the PS3 is to the Wii. Hardcore vs Carebear/Casual. The game has a PVE element, but there is nothing more fun than going into the Order's land and slaughtering 50 High elf players in under an hour and actually get rewarded for it. I played for a couple hours last night just farming experience and money off of other players. WoW can't touch the PVP in Warhammer. So if you like killing boring NPCS, WoW might be better. And please don't compare an abysmal failure like AoC to a "finished" game like Warhammer.

Oh and Everquest is the game that "made" MMO's. Pay proper respect to the game that still owns WoW to this day... :)