COD5 to Sell Accelerated Experience Points to Gamers

During yesterday's analyst call, Activision revealed a plan to make more money from the COD franchise by selling something called "Day One Advantage" that will buy you faster experience points to use in the game.

Good idea or sanctioned hax?

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TUFFnNYC3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

For those who want to play this game to the max then this will certainly catch their eye imo. But for casual gamers i dont see this makin too much money. I will be damn shocked if it does. Also, paying to move up in rank kind of loses the appeal of the game right?

vitz33592d ago

Oh God my head hurts from this stupidity. Activision... Gamers have a voice, and we're starting to use it.


Gamers will NEVER tolerate being nickel-and-dimed at every turn, screw this game.

TheExecutive3592d ago

This is a terrible idea. Paying for "experience points"? Erhem, they arent experience points then are they? They are just points that you can pay for. It seems as though COD forgot why you rank up, because your good.

TheHater3592d ago

true. I hate how company are ask for money if you want to level up without actually leveling up. Like TOV for the Xbox 360, you can pay to level up if you want too.

bumnut3591d ago

thats not true, my friends 6 year old kid plays cod 4 a lot and he is 3rd time prestige now and is terrible.

halo ranks are linked to skill (because it goes back down if you play bad)

cod ranks increas with time (but a lot quicker if you are good)

Rich16313592d ago

Oh come on, that is as bad as EA charging to unlock all the cars in Need for Speed Prostreet for those who didn't actually want to play the game. Activision is retarted.

MiloGarret3592d ago

Activision=EA----> Assholes

UnblessedSoul3592d ago

Do not want, wasn't planning to buy this game anyways

Frnicatr3592d ago

No Infinity Ward = No Purchse sadly.
Anything but modern warfare or in the future is also a no purchase.
This year is Socom: Confrontation.

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The story is too old to be commented.